Monday, January 16, 2017

The Knowledge and attention span of the average adult, is hardly greater than a toddler.

Before I get started on my rant here I want to say this. I have been forced because LAFFTV has no other ad stream, but I have been forced to watched this ad for Cindy Crawford's cosmetic line. The first block of the ad shows Ms. Crawford with a section of her hair brushed back, I'm sorry, but Ms. Crawford's ears look like the wings on Dumbo, or at least would make a chimp envious. Then it asks , " Do you know how she keeps her youthful look?" True answer much Botox injections, and facelifts. Same thing goes to the Million Dollar Smile ad, that you hardly can find any information on any of the actors there on. There's the ad for NUVVAGE , and the gal says, better than a Nuttipot. I have yet to figure out what a NUTTIPOT is. So after I plowed through a movie on LAFFTV, needed SKOAL since the two roll supply that our member NATE gave me for Christmas ran out so off to the Pilot I went. Once that was completed , I headed to SMITHS to snag milk and supper. Closed, guess they decided to close for the MLK Holiday. So over to Walmart, got what I needed and bumped into Jim-Cook, of Jim's Towing. We chatted shop, then this little punk who promised us a rework on his wrecked Ford, said he already had it fixed. The day is coming when I'm going to get a credit card number when I get called up on calls that smell bogus, a deposit on parts for repairs, that we don't get but were promised. Bottom line the Hazzard County Welfare Department is done closed. This oh thanks but I'll pay you later unless its someone I damn well know. This is why all the way back to the time we first opened the shop. This gal brings in a Chrysler MiniCruiser for a routine repair. The thing ran fine, but she wanted repairs, I charged her a diagnostic fee. Both Rick, and Cowboy Nate said that was not right. My thought is this , from all too many bringing in rides for service knowing that our shop only does tricked out bikes as well as straight out customs, if they want us to tie up our shop, they can at least pay a nominal $50.00 for the time it takes us to look it over. $50.00 ain't much but at least the shop makes $50.00 and the customer gets the idea we're serious. Where the wallet goes so does their minds and business. Once they have something invested they will see the repair through. Same goes for towing, I never used to do this, but there's many idiots that just want to tease this old wolf, and go out in the cold for nothing. NO MORE!! From now on somebody calls me for a tow, a start up fee of $50.00 will be charged, again, ain't much but at least the gas in the truck is paid for. That's why I like doing heavy truck towing more than just cars, and light trucks. Reason? Trucking companies generally will pay the charges, two, you seldom find a GOA(Gone-ON-Arrival) from a trucker, that goes in line with us here at both RodeWolf Toewing and Highway Hooker Toewing. We are raising our rates. Gone is the $80.00 anywhere in our area, any time. Our rates are going up to $200.00 anywhere in our area anytime, plus the $50.00 start up fee. Plus anyone that hires on here to drive for us, if their not WreckMaster or Road Resque Certified, they don't get hired. 
Our Dear friend and Sister from Texas asked earlier why I'm so grumpy. Most of the anger I feel is no where aimed at her or SheWolf, but on the so many who jump on sites like Facebook, who get on there babbling like a bunch of old hens that they are there to fight for the Confederacy of today while honoring that of yesterday, but yet can't even see their way to fork out $80.00 or a $100.00 bill to help fuel the fyre. Which is really bad for and a insult to the rest. Considering Our Texas Sister and my SheWolf can for over $80.00 and $500.00 respectively each and they only make SSI funds. But hey at least they are serious about confronting and fighting the establishment, or like it was said on the Dukes-of-Hazzard , fighting the System, cause quite honestly the system is way past broken, its compost and needs repaired. 
Then I got in a fuss online, yes on Facebook, that there was no rock band in the early to mid 1970's called POCO 
 Guess I hit a nerve, but all of a sudden there was a fan page on Facebook for Poco. Now when it comes to things like this, I remember the all inclusive Federation Prime Directive, Do not attempt to influence a primitive civilization or people. Must have been directed at today's America. Before ya'll think that I hate America don't I flew and fought for this nation. I faced the indignation of coming home and not being able to get cable and/or Internet because of a bill that hadn't been paid in 1979, before I shipped out on my first tour. Same went for a cell phone. There's not many utility pay stations in the middle of Afghan, or BagDadd. Myself and the Knytes in two state and 8 sub-charters constantly fight discrimination , hate, ridicule , from northeners who hammer us, vandalize our rigs, because our religion is the Confederacy. And yet few of those besides our Texas Sister and my SheWolf can't even dig in their jeans and mail us some green so we can refine our online and over the air radio station to educate the northern idiots. Same thing that happened when I was chatting on FB about an old film called Waynes World. Really? Speaking of which friends, Waynes World is on LAFFTV, chat with ya'll in the morning about a thing we'll call; DukesFest West aka The Hazzard County Nationals. 

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