Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Attention women!! Want to know what men want in you take a gander here.

Under a very cloudy sky here in wide open range Wyoming, with blowing gust winds and snow, as I dry out from plowing snow much of the day, I thought I'd relate to some of ya'll just what really throttles a guy, and what is the made up interests of web sites created by women, for men.
We're talking superficial things here, but they play into how a man looks at women. The first thing, most men look at is the vulva area. It's not the butt, but the pubic area, that tweaks a raised eye. The immediate reason, is we want to know is she tight, or is it so well used that you could drive a Mack truck around in there and find some person trapped in there for many years. Next is yes the legs, are they curvy , shapely and free of viewable veins. Most men will not say it, but the fastest way to chase a guy away, are feet bigger than size 8 , breasts that are only at maximum 34's and in a B cup, that still are perky, A butt that looks like the fuel tanks of a Kenworth. A woman that knows how to wear cosmetics and has some style to her hair, to where if she says at dinner that she went to the salon,, you don't answer" What did they do?" Ears that don't look like Dumbo's. and the last , women that don't have a beak . Nothing puts fear in a guy, like a woman with a witches nose. 
Of course when it comes to the legs, nylons or at least some sort of fashion hose is always favored over ugly bare legs. There are individual tastes, for me, I like more than other things, besides the Witchy nose, is small tiny toes, and less than palm sized feet. And a woman that has no problem with a guy toying with them. 
Of course going past the superficial things, a good looking woman with a slightly Tomboy tendency is really nice. My 1st wife CiCi now drives 18 wheels for a fresh trout processor in Buhl Idaho, was as hot with a wrench in her hand under the hood of a truck, as she was in nylons and a dress. My 3rd wife Suzi, mother of my son, at 4'8" and 109 pounds could fit under the hood of a car, straddle the engine and go to town fixing, but she also could put on my Wolf treats(nylons) and a skirt, and well as it was said in a pop song, the heat was on. 
Then I got disappointed today, my darling Selena Gomez, was caught smooching a black guy. Now I'm not being racist, but species should never mix. Example; Canines: A Wolf which in reality is not really a canine, but thing is, you'd never see a Wolf, putting the meat to a poodle. Bobcats will never tick it to a house cat. My thing is African Americans, need to stick with African Americans, Native Americans same thing, stick with Native American's. This is part of the riots and problems in our nation. The ethnic groups are crossing breeding lines and that means messing up cultural lines. Stick to our or your own, and you and I will be fine. Now I need to go find a Eskimo pie.

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