Monday, January 23, 2017

RodeWolf's Toew Jamb

Got some mind relief today, our Texas Angel was able to dredge up some money to cover the local power bill. However still have some sabers hanging over my head but I'll manage. 
I had an idea in my head. With our industry moving towards using more web straps rather than chains, I thought why not invent a fastening system onto a sling bar and a J hook at the other end, that way one can sling a truck, without scratching a undercarriage or bumper. Ratchet up my friends. Then I thought too, why not slightly lengthen a sling bottom bar attach some ends then wheel lift bars with buckets to cage the tires, Kind of a sling/wheel-lift combination. While there's times a rollback only serves in some situations, still a conventional toew truck is just what's needed so why not make the most of it? 
Then in amongst my brainstorming, I get this phone call from the Salavating Army, from a request for LEAP. Guess what friends, even with being on a fixed income of a little over $8k, a year, from my military disability, apparently that's over their income level. So let's go over this; to qualify for LEAP, you have to be 60 years old, (okay I'm only two shy of that) be single,(only for a short term) OWN your home,(not yet) , no consideration of being discharged military(USMC) and only making, as I said, less than $8K (on paper) a year. This all brings me to a point of order here. One of the things that the AyreWolvez the air wing subsidiary of the Knytes, is working on a project to have reserve funding, for just such things. In essence a emergency fund for All Military, no matter branch of service, that we who have served this nation, can tap into in the case of emergency or need, such as utility, medical, house payment or rent assistance and so on. Business start up, or education assistance in other words a dedicated no bull program to give back to those who gave their(our) all, in service to an ungreatful nation. 
Finally, The Knytes-of-Dixie as well as all units of the Club, is reapplying for a 501(3c) Tax exemption. Maybe with a new administration in the White House, we might get somewhere. Final landing here; I still am amazed at all the so called supporters to resurrect Dixie, and all things attached to it, yet to date except for Current Knytes members as well as our Texas Angel, and SheWolf digging into their meesly incomes to donate to the Knytes to raise our voice box HazzardAyre Radio and get a real southener into the White House in 2020. As our Texas Angel said it best, its time for all those that truly support the cause to put up or shut up, the way I say it, shit or get off the pot.
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