Monday, January 23, 2017

Hitting one's self in the jaw with jack handle results in tooth pull ouch!!

Changing out brakes on a rig this afternoon, the handle of my hydraulic jack decided to kiss me right in the jaw, resulting in severe pain, a bit of blood spilling on the floor, and a trip to the Doc, who had me go to a dentist to have the tooth pulled. Since the tooth was split in two, they had to do two extractions, so to say my jaw hurts is an understatement. 
Okay then heard that Tomi is over in Park City at the film festival, wanted to go, but, no go fluid(gas) to go, and with my mouth feeling like hell decided I'd pass , but did invite her up on a Tweet. 
Approved a design for coffee cups from our Texas Angel, and while they are keen , next bunch I'm going to have done with the Bikers prayer, should be a hit this year at Sturgis.
The last time I had a tooth pulled was in 2008 when Obama snookered himself into the White House. Then it was nothing, hell I was younger and a bit more robust than I am now. With my stress level a level 5, and trying to figure out if remaining in Etown here or moving home to Twin Falls Idaho, would be better in both financial resources as well as the human resources, and giving up on a project that I have went through hell attempting here in Etown, to do is a major decision. One of my associates at the local Coldwell Banker Realty Company here, was conversing with me earlier on FB. This is where the rubber meets the broken snow floor. If he and at least 20 or even 10 local business's would buy ads on HazzardAyre Radio for a mere $100.00 a piece, I'd be much more encouraged in remaining here. As it is, I'm barely scratching a slim return on my investment. Just like the tow service here. Sure we get a lot of calls , but with running only 4 trucks, and expenses keeping them operational two of which are in the shop needing work, and two being heavies, unless a big rig turns over, no calls. As it is we're making expenses but not much if any over the top for wages or any kind of profit. Likewise getting people to be on air with me, as well as doing solo shows, the last one I had left due to the Clickish and clannish attitude of Etown here, and if I'm on air and need to answer a tow call , it means , go to a program feed, praying that the computer holds together until I get back, and don't get me talking about tech support. I had one that was super, but we hadn't made enough to pay her , so she left. The list goes on. Just like I tell people on FB, want something to succeed? Open your wallet. Now understand, I know things are tough for everybody, but I also see the kinds and amounts people spend at a bar on a Saturday night here and elsewhere. If just 20 people took the same amount on supporting HazzardAyre Radio here in Etown as well as on some groups on FB, that they spend on brewskies at the bar, just once a month, the station would become more solid. As it is we're still supported in part by firms in Utah and Idaho. Where the hell is Wyoming, especially Etown. I will refrain on some of the costly amounts we as a Club have spent on people that never fully intended to become part of this radio operation, here in Etown. One was a quasay partner of the shop. Both wanted to rework the shop in their own way, as such LexiBelle was ignored. I'm not talking about Rick , but two others who ran up bills, but never gave anything back to help pay for the shop, expenses like heat and lights. Two hussies, that cost me time and real money. The kinds of human resources we need just are not here in Etown, the few that could wont, so toss it to the wind. In Twin Falls, all I needed to do to get people to break a sweat at HazzardAyre Radio, was bark a bit at the Depot Grill, or at Gearheads,(Club owned bar & Grill in Hazzard) and I'd have ten people show up 5 that I could put to the tasks. Here, nope. Same thing in Woods Cross Utah as well as Ogden Utah. Like my associate friend at Coldwell Banker said it earlier, its time that Etown pulled its head out of its collective ass's. Any mile, need to take more meds and head to bed.


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