Sunday, January 22, 2017

All the news that is news from the Wolf's Lair

I was going to title this I'm glad nobody else has my life, but I'm not one to drown in self pity. I just move on.
Had a great morning yesterday into afternoon doing some radio shows and was running on all cylinders as far as radio and computer things. But as it would be, computer decided to puke going into early evening. Around 5:00PM my time after I got off air, decided to go out to the shop to spend quality time with LexiBelle, then got a service call up into a canyon. So off I went. Once there found that I was stuck, and here stuck means a hour at best for one of my crew to come fetch me. This is routine. But near 18:00 once I had waited for as long as I could with no cell service, I tried to pull myself out of the snow drift I was in, but at the same time shook a tree so bad got buried to the point we had triggered a small avalanche. Fortunately my crew figured out what was wrong and came and figured where I was and at 23:00 hours, we all were headed home, wet, cold, tired , but alive. All through the thing SheWolf kept calling but signal came in , but did not go out. So could call back out or answer. Things in this part of the blooming union, are just that way. While there has always been promised an improvement on rural small area infrastructure that's all it has been. Even with the new President, out here in the west and mountain areas are just here to exist as best as we can. I heard all about the promise of getting people off of welfare and government aid, but I heard no mention, of Trump, getting the BLM Bearue of Land Management out of Wyoming, so we could start mining coal for energy again here. Which WOULD put people here back to work, both from mining to all the support business's that would be resurrected. During the Bush administration all we heard was how we were to get a Government supported broadband wireless Internet. That's why all those TV stations were forced to vacate analog signals and convert to digital, as a result, you had to buy a new TV set, yet the real thing, a FCC land grab of air spectrum for who? Big Cell phone companies, not us on laptop or desktop computers, nothing like a tiered Internet, as was promised, think Trump is going to reverse that? Think again, Trump is in bed with big business, and that includes A.T.&.T, and Verizon. Trump is a big proponent of opening Wolf hunting, in northern Idaho and Montana and Wyoming. Whose in charge there? Big business livestock producers scared of having their huge herds picked off by wolves. FYI, A wolf unless really hungry will not attack, or harvest a well animal, a wolf will only hunt for those animals already in peril, either from injury,, or other malady. So hearing about Government saying go kill the wolves just for sport? The idea that Americans could accept killing wolves for sport, is near like Americans accepting the Government G men killing Bundy . In both cases it wasn't Bundy's fault he was there in Oregon, nor the Wolves in the Mountain West. At least here in the Mountain West, people can pack heat, with our open carry laws allowing such, the wolves don't have that option. 
Then yesterday during my show I popped on to a posting of our Texas Angel, and threw in a comment, however our Texas Angel, jumped my butt on it. Most times I would just have said, you invited me to the party , I'm going to howl, but with our Texas Angel I just said oops and let it go. But with our Texas Angel I just accepted and let it go. 
Okay then, on the Florida coast. SheWolf, was bitching at me all afternoon about so much self pity that I finally didn't answer her texts. Most of it was directed at our Texas Angel, getting all the perky assignments. The thing is that is bullstuff. I put SheWolf in charge of PR and advertising for the club. SheWolf has no idea what that entails. Its not just scavenging models for stuff, its getting in touch with ad agencies, TV stations to get ad rates, placing ad orders, finding venues in our area for events, its not just getting honeys . Then she was all "you don't want me doing anything" she said, My final replies was centered on, once she gains the business acumen and skills, to network with other people can she be allowed to go solo. You don't pilot a helicopter without learning how to fly, you don't fix a truck until you learn how to use a wrench, and you don't become the director of PR, without learning from other people already doing it within our organization or reading up on it, heck she has no idea how to really use a computer, so she at least has to learn that. So do I want my lady to be involved? Hell yes, but not going solo, as an example the thing on that Wrecker page on Facebook, she put up the wrong post on the wrong place. I know welcome to my world.
I'm thrilled as can be with our Texas Angel, in ways I can't relate without a tear of joy or two. Now if we could only get Krispy Kream to start delivering donuts to Wyoming and Utah again, I could have a bearclaw with my coffee.


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