Friday, January 27, 2017

My what a PC nation we live in, or is it just here?

My what a PC world or at least a nation we live in. Or is it just here where I reside and hang my hat? Dig this, was on FB checking to see if our Texas Angel was on there since I'm worried that she might not be okay. So there was this posting on some group I got hood swinked in to joining. The request was post your latest selfie. You know the pics we take of ourselves using a Cell phone. So in a bit was a pic of a nice looking young lady, so to make her welcome, I commented her as just being pretty. No more, no model invite no nothing just sharing a observed opinion that she is pretty. Soon after was this old fart on there saying GTFOH. Excuse me? I just said she was pretty. If it were reversed, I'd just reply, thank ya mam, and let it go. However this is not the first time that this has happened. In my end of the planet, is this wireless Internet service provider, called NGL. When I first stepped into dear sweet Etown here, and signed up with them, I was astounded as to the efficient and kind way she treated me, and yes I did think she too was pretty. So I told her that, plus mentioned it on a entry to the HazzardAyre Gazzette. Not only did this compliment offend the young lady of maybe 19 years old, but she thought I was approaching her. Really? Has it came to that today? Can we not just be kind to someone without it being viewed as sexual or something? Sheesh. Then over at the local Coldwell Banker Realty Company, the lady who is the CEO there, is a head turner, and I mentioned it once or twice when she was showing me and some associates places for both the Reaper Club, and the radio werx. Shute, you'd have thought that telepathicly I was ripping off her tight little pants, clearing off her desk and slamming the salami to her right there. Again is this what our population has arrived at? Can't one just be caring and kind, if not give compliments without someone getting the improper vibe or conjuring up a mental picture of something foul? For some odd unknown reason over in my home town of Twin Falls Idaho, giving a genuine compliment as to how good a job they do or did on a task, or how nice they looked is not looked at as being improper in any way. The compliment is taken for what it is and that be done. One of our Lady Wolvez, Amber who I met at the then Radio Shack there, while I was buying radio gear to inaugurate HazzardAyre Radio, was very helpful and efficient. Afterwerds she invited me to coffee there in the Magic Valley Mall there(yes they still exist) it was no more, no less and yet over here everyone runs in a panic. Is it that Idaho in general is more adjusted? Or is it that many places in Idaho hold on for old fashioned values, and traditions, or is it that for many of these domesticated well sort of domesticated States-of-America? Or is there a secret there, that the rest of the nation is so on edge that there's a hidden notion, if a guy just say's hello, that women mostly go into a strange direction? This Political Correctness is going to injure this nation far more than any terrorist attack. The thirst for blood is going to come from within. 
Hope Texas Angel is okay, will let ya'll know later today.
Later Ya'll,

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