Monday, January 2, 2017

Some Wolvez like snow and cold, this one don't

Okay I gave up. The concept was to go to Provo Utah tonight , stay over there and attend the funeral, of Lavelle Edwards, former but loved football coach of Brigham Young University, whom I knew very well, and played all too many rounds of golf with. My Cousin Bud drew up the Life Insurance and all for Lavelle, which is how I met Lavelle. Afterwerds I had Lavelle as a teacher. So I was aimed that way, but as usual its snowing and snowing hard. we expect 1 to 3 feet of snow overnight into mid day Wednesday. Most in the towing industry would see dollar signs and so do I , but until morning the snow is too deep to get LexiBelle out of the shop to do anything, so I get to take the night out and just watch Laff TV then the news and hit the rack. While the 4 leg counterpart of being wolves, love snow and cold, this wolf don't. My 4 leg counterpart while not going into hibernation , they do bundle up into dens and stay put until the need to feed. Same here, unless I have to get out into this mess of white, for chew or food, I don't. I do get both Den and Lair fever, but I'd rather be where its warm and mediumly dry, rather than wet and marooned somewhere. In 17 degree weather and blowing snow, this ain't my idea of fun. Like I said, Some Wolvez like snow and cold, this Wolf don't.

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