Sunday, January 1, 2017

It smells different, but it ain't ice tea

Tonight at the Wolf-Pack's mess hall, the subject of me smelling a bit gamey came up, with the results of that conversation being the smells escalating from my neather regions, smelling a bit on the idea of sweet ice tea. Not the usual ammonia smells of most other people. If your in a place or around someone with diabetes this smell will be constant. The body's inability to convert sugar to glucose and its a serious situation.Don't judge the next person with diabetes or a strange smell to them just might be you. Okay then and I related this a bit earlier. Whilest at church today, there was a bunch of young'ns behind me creating a fuss. I truly wanted to turn around and tell em to shut up, but with our Bishop's family sitting next to me and all I refrained. That said, I remembered back when I was a wolf pup. My mom was a stern woman especially in Church. If I had an inkling of fussing during church, especially taking the Lords supper and honoring his son Jesus's sacrifice for me, either a heavy hand would have addressed my posterior or a dirty sock stuck in my mouth , there was no room for that. If you want to get out of Church, and into mainstream life, lets go. When I was about 6 maybe 7 years old, I had the dare to snitch some Milk Duds candy from an old drug store in Layton. Knowing the counter lady she trusted me and went in the back. So I snitched the candy and went home. Mom knew how much she had gave me for the day and these 4 boxes of Milk Duds, costing I think 5 cents a piece was over my limit. I couldn't lie. If this was not bad enough I let down the counter lady as well. So mom took me down to that drug store, went through the paying out of the next days allowance the cost of the candy, but worst of it, my mom snagged a paddle from a toy display there at the drug store, pulled my britches down and swatted my behind about 10 good whacks. My butt was red, but I dang well never shoplifted again. Still wont.
In our society today Mom would have been arrested. Now imagine all these shootings and such in our schools would be curbed by some parents putting a paddle or belt to a kids butt. Teachers have lost the ability to discipline in schools. Used to be if you started acting out in class, a big old flat yard stick coming down in front of you on the desk you were sitting at, got your attention. A Dunce cap and sitting with your nose in the corner of the class room, did a lot to deter poor behavior. 
Our Sister from Waco, put up a pic a bit ago, of remember when , I agree, I also remember when men were men, I mean real men, a wrench in one hand and knowing what to do with it, men who looked at women, not other guys with a gleem in his eye for another guy, yuck, and I remember when women wore dresses and skirts, put on nylons and heels and were not ashamed to do so, nor didn't as a form of being different from their Mom. Back in my day, although it did happen, but only in the rarest occassion, but you'd never see a girl or young lady load her lip with Skoal or such, today its common place. Hell I even remember holding the door once for a lady, which is what I was taught to do and because of my southern breeding, but there I was going into the Blue Lakes Mall in Twin Falls Idaho, held the door open, only to be hit on the head with her purse and being told that she was a feminist and she was equal to me. Huh? I thought. I was just being polite. Now I wasn't being bigoted or anything, chute if half of the women I knew and some I know now want to be equal, I'd put em up against my Mom if she were still living. Her day started with going out and turning water with a shovel and a plastic dam and watering 300 acres of ground, followed by milking 150 head of dairy cows, feeding hogs, chickens and everything else that came onto our farm, including the little quail. If you want to see a quick glimpse of hell, try shooting a quail with her chicks with my mom around for sport. Naw they don't make em like her any more. Thing is she could keep up with Dad , my step brother and me, on a hay truck, plow or manure spreader. Yet mom could cook one heck of a meal, tend to Church duties and be all kinds of a fancy lady at any event. My Mom designed in part the landing gear of the C-5-A Galaxy military cargo jet, the largest of its kind, designed the swing wing on the F-11-A Fighter Combat jet for the Air Force which was fowarded to the F-14 Tomcat, people have asked me about why to date I have never gotten serious about a woman, I reply, when they make women like my Mom , we'll talk.
This is why I miss life down on the farm. I treasured simplicity, peace and respect for nature. I loved my squirrel friends, my few birds that greeted me everyday, not just generally but these birds never came around or out in the sunshine until they heard me walking down to the mailbox. There was a downed tree that reached just below a creek, and I'd sit there reading a magazine, and chatting with my critter friends. I made friends with all of them, although I was extremely cautious around a porcupine that sought my visits. I made friends with skunks, ducks, little baby geese, my woman to be, wants to live in the big city, to me, I'd rather live in my small town of Hazzard Idaho, of 1000 people, on the farm. So what there ain't no Walmart there, give me Ruebotoms General Store, a pickle barrel, a soda, on main in the summer, and I'm satisfied. So what the sidewalks are rolled up at 11:00 PM? At 11:00PM ya'll should be home, with your family. Plus if you can't find entertainment on TV, sit on the porch with a fiddle and or a guitar. That's living. 
Sure it smells different, but it ain't ice tea.

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