Sunday, January 29, 2017


Before I get into things here this evening, before I put on my better dress threads, to go attend a babtism at a near by Ward of the Church, want to say some things that hit this morning, and has been rumbling around my cranium. I was all for going to Church at my usual Ward, when as I was injured getting outta the tub. Slipped on the same hip I fracktured a few months ago, so drug myself back to bed. I only woke up when need to feed came in , so got up, ate some cereal, and been watching TV ever since,. Now here's what bothers me here. Few months ago, our Bishop on a mission to rectify a financial shortage situation I really needed taken care of, explained to me that I have been called to do a task. Something to do with indexing of family history records. No problem, only how do you do that? There was supposed to be some body from the Ward to come by, the Lair here to show me what to do. Nearly 4-1/2 months nobody has shown or called. But hey that's not all. As much as many of the quorams bark on home teaching, My home teachers never come by. Don't call, and the only time I see my home teachers is at Church or by accident at Walmart. The rest of the time I'm forgotten. Every week, Brother Hutch stands at the podium, and welcomes everyone, and asks is everyone feeling welcome, so many times I want to just stand up and flat say, "Bullsbreath I don't feel welcome, in fact ostersized." This does not mean everyone or everything in Etown is against me and or the Knytes, two of those being members, and several others that do support our organization, but not the so called members of the Church. I'm not what they call the chosen few, or even the chosen many. I don't wear a suit and tie, don't drive a new or near new car or lifted truck, and as far as financial gifts? I'll pay that when a true sign of welcome is given. I'll give at any time all I have, to God, but not the church. When I hurt myself really bad the latter half of November last, there wasn't one soul from the Church that came by, granted they had no way of knowing, but some home teaching would have gleaned that. Yet, it was the Knytes members that came by, one member's old lady made sure I had my soup, took my pills and got rest. Plus kept the Coyotes off my door. This is not the first time. I know many of you have heard this long before. But back when my Mom passed on in 83 , although the crowd at Mom's funeral was huge, it was the members of the Knytes who were there to support me in my time of loss, not the Hazzard 1st Ward, that two years earlier, by a declaration of my Mom I donated enough toys to needy youth in the Ward near new toys. Many of which had never been out of their original packaging. But Did the Hazzard 1st Ward, come up and say, got anything we can do for you, a meal, sewing, wash anything? NO, but hell no. Did the Knytes? Bet your next tank of diesel they did. But they got r done, if it hadn't been for the Club, I'd have been a blubbering idiot in a rubber room.
This is one of the reasons I stick with the Club and do what I can, to help it grow and prosper. 
This afternoon, I got a post by some buttwipe in the FB group, Tow Truck Mafia West. Something about explaining what the Iron Knytes is.
I replied simply, " Are you that stupid? The Iron Knytes Toewing Association, is a mall group of 1,000 towing professionals who just so happens to love older vintage and custom tow trucks" Finding em, restoring them, driving them." Of course the Iron Knytes Toewing Association goes much deeper, working on public education and preserving our industry. Getting people to move the heck over and not kill many of us as we do our jobs. I have no idea why the bullies in the TT-Mafia wants a rumble all the time, but maybey their jealous or envious of the movement the Knytes are making. 
The fact that the Iron Knytes are a subsidiary of the Knytes-of-Dixie, and all that makes that work and has done since 1967 when the Knytes formed under the protective umbrella of a Cub Scout pack (#303) of Layton Utah. Customizing pedal bikes and mini diecast cars and such, the transisioned to mini motor bikes, to cars, to trucks, and in my case tow trucks. We do in the first few hours of a day, what many take years to do. Some tasks are completed under the principle of serious arm twisting, and others by diplomatic methods, but it does get done. Communities that have Charters of the Knytes in them, don't get the tragic situations, of terrorist attacks or riff raff violence , its only when a charter moves that hell breaks out. 
Last month was terrible for the Club and me. More tasks, low money, bad computer, means not much radio. Plus I can't be everywhere. Can't toew and be on radio at the same time. Big Rick indicated he was retiring as all organization President, hey he's hitting dang near 70 years old. With my fuddling up the finances last month including my own power bill, I withdrew my nomination of stepping up as President of the organization. As Such through a lot of convincing, Jonny Muir decided to step up and is now President elect of the Knytes. We tried to get Ben to step up, but he's too busy with Cooter's Place, so JM is the Pres elect of the Club. I'll still be in my Executive Vice President's chair , Kelly will take up duties as the main bean counter, the rest of both cabinets are yet to be filled. 
Jonny suggested that next year there ought to be a organization reunion. I agree. What Jonny really wants to see is, how many really show, and who are still dedicated to the ideals and tasks as well as duties of wearing that patch. Not just a patch display person. Jonny wants to do some organizational house cleaning. Discharge those no longer serving the Club, and promoting the ones who are. Plus getting back to what we all started as . Dedication to Dixie, the aspirations and appreciation of vintage rides and aircraft, not all of this crap. Like Jonny said on our 5 hour phone call Wednesday, your either a Knyte or your not, you can't just ride the fence. It don't work. Now we just need to find a place in one of three Mountain West states that can belly the event. Which ain't easy. Considering 250,000 bikers, truckers, aviators, and even tow-truckers. The event is slated for the late summer of 2018. 
The Iron Knytes Toewing Association, will be hosting a mini toew Jamb in the fall of this year. Besides the toew trucks, and demos. A Road Resque Technician certification class and short test will be part of that. 
Last but not least, wanna thank a toew bro, for locating the pieces for my old vintage light bar for LexiBelle . Now if I can just trace down that one battery drain, I'll have it done.
See ya'll Monday.

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