Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I just hate Internet ad trollers and scammers

Here's something that you might have missed. Guess things between Cable-One and KPVI-6 in Pocatello Idaho are not very rosey. Just like Dish Network and Dish here in Utah. Seems as the networks and cable companies want more more and more money to carry their network's programming and the stations can't or don't want to pony up. So guess ya'll in Eastern Idaho, on Cable One are screwed for seeing NBC and KPVI , I've said it before when it comes to Cable-One 
 Guess Cable-One as well as KPVI just doesn't have the stamina of HazzardAyre and Southern Steele Media. 
Then I looked at this recipie site that redirected me immediately to a trash heap site where if I answered questions I could get a min box of laundry soap. Guess what I'd rather go to the store and pay for that box of soap, than listen to that dribble. But it seems any more that if your online digesting anything YOU think is free, your stuck viewing some idiotic ad for a product that is lame to say the least. It's like watching LAFFTV, the shows are good , but I hate hearing about Addiction places that are nothing but a front of insurance companies wrestling ya'll to buy a different health plan through Obamacare. Then of course there's that outfit on TV called ShoeDazzle.com might be a great store, and all, what they don't tell you is , that unless your legs are hot like those models on there, don't bother cause your feet wont look good in those shoes. Those heels only look good on skinny, small feet with great pedicures. Fat grandma feet ain't going to look good there. Of course there are products that never get the attention they deserve. DewShine, for instance never gets the right kind of attention, yet its extremely good. Better than its more popular cousin Mountain Dew. Or like a local resturaunt here. The R&R here in Evanston Wyoming that serves this thing called the Junk Pile. Ya'll get two eggs, bacon sausauge chunks melted cheese, hashbrowns with some great gravy poured over it. But when they put up a notice on Facebook, a free ad btw, they never show it on the menu board. Yet they show all their liquir and wines, yes wines. How about the Junk Pile? 
In WolfPack news. Over the weekend we nominated and voted in our Southern Sister Sarah as a soon to be patched member of the Wolf-Pack. This is makes number 5 of the only women allowed to be voting full fledged members. Some might ask why not my old lady SheWolf? Reason, simply is she Is my old Lady, to much of a thought of favoritism by an old Lady as a patched member. However SheWolf, will be chair of the Ladies of the Knytes which is our womens auxiliary of the organization. Speaking of that and this is a quandry. The subject of these 
 has come up again. So I'm inquiring to Sister Sarah, could a pillow or similar be made out of the same fabric, as thin and with the same texture as a nylon stocking with a leg inside. I had a guy try that once on a 49 Ford we were building to cover the seats, trouble is the fabric snagged and like nylons ran, to where the destructed. Now I found that if one wants a steering wheel cover for all seasons, one to keep hands warm in the winter and cooler during summer months, putting the reenforced panty half of pantyhose over your steering wheel does the job nicely. The elastic form fits over the steering wheel and some zip ties hold em in place. All one need to do is very carefully cut out she area just above the crotch and discard the legs. I got this idea when I replaced the steering wheel in my little S-10. I installed a Grant GT steering wheel. Its made primarily of foam, which flaked off when wet say sweat in the summer or snow and rain in the winter. Could not find anything cover that fit, so there were some gave to me by one of our female crew at the time, and it worked. So to carry that theme forward I thought a pillow, then maybe seat covers for the inside, plus I thought if I can find the right kind of durable fabric that mimics nylon stockings that would be great for the Bikini Bike were, building. Still burried up to the doors at the shop. But have a club member plowing that out. So in conclusion, should there be rules for ad trollers and spammers or toughen up on their ability to glean 411 on you to sell to you in exchange for free Internet, or should there be a paid internet option that lets you opt out of those ads? Second it looks like KPVI and Cable One are splitting hairs so no NBC in Pocatello except by antenna, glad the Twin Falls area of Idaho can watch NBC over KTVB-7. At least for now. Love of food at the R&R here in Evanston, you can't get anything much better, than the Junk Pile. Its my favorite there. One gal called it out and just called it an orgasm on a plate, and she's right. Eating that is better than having sex, yes it is that good. We now have a new patched member of the Wolf Pack, that is a sweet honey sister from Texas, yes its our sister Sarah. Our seamstress and all for the Wolf Pack. And finally can you make a pillow and cover seats in the same style with the same texture of fabric that nylons and Pantyhose
is made out of that is durable? 

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