Saturday, January 14, 2017

Attention Facebook Users!! Ever arrive here only to ask yourself why am I here?

Attention Facebook users: Have you ever arrived on Facebook, looked over what is there and asked yourself , why the heck am I here? Or thought, its the same stuff just a different day and/or hour. For a Social site, there ain't much in the social, nor news. Why call it a newsfeed? Then you see thing at the first part of your newsfeed, only to scroll down about half way only to see exactly what was at the top. If it was not boring enough at the top, it ain't going to change much half way down.
Okay so spent most of yesterday doing fault, malware and virus scans, one that took 6 hours to complete. Then if that wasn't good enough I had to endure the grief of the weekly system scan, that took 8 hours. So at 04:35 hours I hit the rack. Mostly because I had to get up again at 07:45 hours to go fetch breakfast at the Legal Tender here. Of which I'll add here, that the gal who was serving me, was about as conversational, as a mud fence. Granted I have gave the Legal, some bad press, but if the Legal wants good press, here's an idea, give better service. When it comes to hospitality the entire area needs to gain some education. Granted I don't need to know their life's history, Nor do I want to go home with them, crawl in the litter box, but a bit of a better response to the question of its sure cold outside, would be, yep it sure is. Anything, besides a schrug. Talk about stuck up. Its one of albeit small , but going towing in a small town like Evanston here. And I'm talking Evanston Wyoming, but here when your the number one , first call towing service here. You remember those people that think their poop don't stink. When they call for a tow, you can let them sit in the cold for a longer response time, slightly bump up your normal rates. I do remember.
Then came home here where the people clearing snow were just getting started. If I knew they weren't going to start until 10:00 hours, I could have caught some more sleep. 
Which is what I'm going in to do now, catch ya'll overnight, here and on the radio.

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