Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fighting with Google is like putting lipstick on a pig , eventually you discover the pig likes it

Ah for the love of my lithium and ability to keep a cool head. So as I was relating elsewhere, been getting a good bunch of calls for our tow service from Evanston, Wyoming. Not that I would not take the call, but geographically responding to a tow call for Evanston Wyoming from Wendell Idaho is 700 miles round trip, two tanks of diesel, at least, road and state permits, and if I'm lucky get there in 4 hours. What if the road is blocked or there are injuries? So I went to www.googlemybusiness.com to edit our information. Yep got suspended until further review. The hold back is putting up signage. Really? This means I have to out , find some wood and ink up a sign, plaster that on the tiny shop out back, take a picture and send it to some Indian lady at Google, who had no idea what a tow truck is. 
See how this could be a problem? Some crook, goes to Google My Business, scribbles a bunch of crap on the listing, even takes a photo of a sign mounted to a empty building, claim its his(or-her) business, rip off a bunch of people, and well can you see where this create or mislead people. It ought to be as simple as a verfication of your EIN number and phone number, and that be it.
As far as the former, both shops and the office that we ran at the house, never had signs on the damn building. The only reason we ran the office from the house, is that both Allwest and CenturyLink are too damn stupid and not motivated to run access as far as Internet and phone to either shop. Yet none has ever had a gall darn neon light on the place. 
I was really loosing it. I mean good hell Google get out and look around, get acquainted with the beautification laws of this nation, most towns don't dig signage in residential/industrial areas. Just because my business is ran from my home don't mean the business ain't a business. Good golly Miss Molly Google get these help desk people out of the office, better yet have them visit the rural parts of the USA. 
At least now however , GEICO won't be calling me to go fetch a car in Evanston Wyoming from Wendell Idaho.
Thank Goodness for Goody's Headache Powders, Jack Daniels, and Skoal, all three are needed when dealing with Google, Facebook or any of those outfits. You desire to go kick their ass is in your heart, but your brain says they wouldn't let you in any how. At least RodeWolf Toewing which is also us is listed, but nothing has the eye candy nor the punch that Highway Hooker Toewing does. 
It's like putting socks on a rooster.
hang tight this ain't over.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Oh where oh where did Verna K Mason go and its not the Old Wendell.

One of the things I have stunningly learned over the years is that no matter where you grew up, in time those people you knew or went to school with are no longer there or are no longer the person you knew then. Of course the demography changes too. For even one person to completely remember me outside of the Knytes and/or the WolfPack, would have to have lived here 45 years ago, and stayed put, and when it comes to the women I went to school with stayed unmarried and had at least a Facebook account. Of course the older folks here that I knew then have gotten even older.
The other day redoing insurance for my rigs, went into Bunn Insurance here. Good and I mean, mean Dale Bunn who years ago was a strapping no bull Deputy Sheriff here was an old man that looked so shrivelled and all that I hardly recognized him. He distantly remembered me and reminded me to drive slow. Might have been a few of those Late night high speed jaunts through the countryside around here that had him say that. Course  visiting with Dale's grandson and all got tuned into who was and who wasn't here then and who most likely wouldn't want a soon to be visit.
One of those who I was curious about, just to know what happened to her was Vernna K Mason. When I met Vernna she was a Senior at Wendell High, and very fashion knowledgeable. She wore the absolute shortest dress's and heels(yes nylons too) but while her legs at the time I would have loved to have wrapped around my neck, it was her body. She had measurements that were confirmed by our shop class there at Wendell 2 months before graduation. Understand she was a Senior, but measured 38-24-36 I kid you not. Skip Mcfarland one of the founding members of the Knytes, myself, Tracy West(another founding member, ) and Curt Eaton, coerced Vernna to visit our ag shop. Skip quickly drew out a tape measure, and measured her. She confirmed and in the year book of 1976 it is posted there. Denise Weaver, Sheryll Williamson(Willey) Darlene Wert and others have sinced moved away or gotten married and are staying hidden. Oh yes there are somethings that have lived through the years. Simerley's Market is here, although greatly expanded. The Filling Station(Wendell Snack Bar) that was a gas station, I can remember fixing cars in there. John's Tire and a few other points of commerce are still here and I can say I'm much more relaxed than I have been in many years. I hardly need my Lithium meds, my breathing is easier, all I smell now is dairy manure and for an old dairy farmer like me, that smell is better than any perfume. There are real to goodness stop lights here now where one lonely flashing light was in front or at the intersection of where the Maverick is now, back then, it was the Wendell Department store. I remember when that burned down, yes LexiBelle was there too. The Wendell Department Store used to sell magazines, and its where I bought my first issue of Playboy Magazine, of course depending on who was at the check out register, where I could buy original Skoal, and what was Happy Days Mint. Even at 15 I purchased my fave flave of chew. The B&B Grill is now a Mexican Cafe, but back then it was both a grill and bar. Which depending on who was working, a high school student could by lunch and a brew or two at noon. Made school easier to go to. 
Of course the Mathers Twins are gone, Patricia Mathers was our ah English teacher, mom was hot, but Jackie and Carla serviced just about every high school student and a few so called Junior High. It was different then and nearly the same, but some attitudes and personalities have changed. The 8x10 menella paper posts of the Knytes needing babes for ads are not looked at, now the fuzz looks at that more, and the community does not look at such with the same sense of innocense as they did then. 
That all said I live in a nice, not super luxury , but nice FULL all 3 bedrooms house, in a nice neighborhood with friendly neighbors, and I'm content.
Few know what is in the rear here of the Knytes Rode House.
More on that next entry.
In closing, really does anyone here know what happened to Vernna K Mason?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Did I get a stiffy?

When I'm in the realm of auditioning new lady eye candy for the promotion of my company or that of the club I rely on Mother Nature. Most times the condition can be enhanced through coaching , and some just through simple skills. 
Being from southern parts of this nation, I remember the times going coon hunting. You realize after a time, that there are those hunting dogs, that can be an aid or a pain. There are hunting dogs that just have the breeding and aptitude that are there naturally, then there are those that need to be taught. Most of the time I'd rather have the dogs that get the idea automatically and does it rather than teach all the time. In the world of photographic enhancement done by models or actress's there are those that get it naturally and the ones that need teaching. Of those there are the ones that do their research of us as an organization and me through the company. Those that can come into the office, knows how to tease and flirt, and gets me a wet spot, naturally are the ones I'd rather hire than the ones that need teaching. 
Several years ago, on a talent search for Hazzard County Choppers. I spent money and time going to Talent Management Group in Murray Utah. Of the many hopefuls, only two wore nylons and adoringly sweet skirts, that you could just smell, and taste the sweat from their toes and feet that you just knew would transfer to video, and give any male a stiffy. Then there were the ones who did not do as requested by me prior to the open call audition, that I ignored them and attempted to gain more time to talk details to the ones who listened. Then of course there were three others. Cynthia Newell from Nampa Idaho, Robin Whittaker from Minidoka Idaho, and of course, sweet Nurse GoodBody. When I requested they show up in nylons and be ready to have their toes kissed etc, they did, and got hired and got paid well. Others not so much.
Crimson is one who has sat on the fence. Although she has worn hose a few times has yet to thrust her feet and thus toes for a sample , hopefully Seester will do the real thing here shortly and show up in nylons and show off her toes in hose ready to be worshiped . The courtship is pretty much over, and the circling is done, its time to get to work, at least in my opinion. The talent that can follow directions and do it naturally without hesitation is the talent you want. After all if that talent in the office can't give you a wet spot or stiffy in person, then how is she going to give a person on the other side of a tiny screen, or through a magazine a stiffy? I as a producer, should not have to beg or plead here. Either they are ready to perform, a scene as a rehearsed thing or their not. If a talent at least for what we're looking for can't have their toes in nylons kissed at the drop of a hat, what else are they not going to do at a shoot? When they can't or wont do something that a producer/director requests in his mind he has a vision of what the shot or video block is to look like. What a producer/ Director does not want to hear is I don't want to do that, that's when it becomes problematic, and soon that's the talent you don't and won't hire in the future. No matter how bad she thinks her feet smell, the producer knows that already. In this business within reason, never says no. You just do it.
If I don't get a stiffy in the office on a first meet  or two, then how can the viewer get one and give attention to the message of the ad, which is why you hire a female model for.
Much to do, going to go get some sleep.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Motorcycle Club plans on bringing a AM/FM Radio Station and TV station to Wendell Idaho

The Knytes(Knights) of Dixie a law abiding motorcycle and classic truck club is planning on bringing a radio station and television station to Wendell Idaho. Three locations are being reviewed as possible sites for the enterprise, that when completed with employ 40 people both on air, technical, and creative career jobs. 
The Knytes-of-Dixie MC was born in nearby Hagerman Idaho in 1982 and has charters nationwide as well as the UK, Australia and Canada. With a total membership of 300,000 members. The organization has pledged to invest, $70, million dollars into the project, and will start interviewing new hires at its temporary club house located at 247 3rd West, which houses the organizations online radio station that can be heard at www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf . 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Funny how these things happen but it proves my point

Its funny in a way, tragic in another. For near 3 years now searching for visual female talent for the Knytes from all over Utah and western Wyoming hardly if anyone would even interview let alone show up at a shoot. Yet I put up an unpaid ad on fb and shazzam one shows that is super hot and ya'll couldn't tell she just had a young'n. Yet beyond the physical beauty, her attitude and all , hey the Rode House will soon see a beavy of beauties as they compete for the coveted parts of Cooter's Angels for the Iron Knytes Association Calendar as well as our TV ads and all. When I mentioned there would be a bit of toew smooching for our We LuV Toews bit, Myl did not flinch.
 This is a very simple straight post, for an ad, but sadly mis understood. This 
 with some editing turns into this:
 and has in its own right became a trade mark. Yet many including my Shelly 
 gets to thinking that its a prelim to some sort of sexual thing, or at least some sort of fetish.
So with that the interview complete and it feeling gooood, I think, we have our talent. In reflection, if I can find talent in small Wendell Idaho, but couldn't in both metro Utah as well as Etown Wyoming, is a serious slap in the face at both metro Utah as well as Evanston Wyoming. 
Speaking of Shelly, whilest Myl, and I were seated comfortably on the mini couch looking at her photos , Shelly calls, about more of her family problems. More on the line of our big fuss in late March, on her family holding back her money. I told her so, I know how people behave. In this case its greed. As long as my Shelly is there to ride herd the money flows. The minute she's gone, Mother and brother swindles Shelly's money then makes up excuses as to where it went.
All I can say is she needs to fix that before she moves out here, as its going to take both Shelly and my money to make the gig here now float. 
Its hot as Hades here today, so just waiting for the heat to die down a bit before I go out and finish unloading my truck. Then its off to Franks for my brew and Lynchburg Lemonade.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just about done with the fun of moving

Just about done with the fun of moving. Slid in last night at just a tad under 01:15 after waiting until 17:00 for Vern to get done building fence for his daughter over in Bliss. 
Truck ran okay getting up here except lost my lighted sun visor after getting in the air wash of a car hauler just outside of Raft River, Idaho. So started backing in this back parking lot that has deep gravel got stuck, and the battery quit. With all that threw on the battery charger, came in snagged a bath, scarfed down some turn overs, Thank you to Jamie for that. Gulped down the last bit of milk and my butt and the rest of me was in bed.
Had every intention of going to a 4th of July thing being thrown by the Knytes and the Son's but was stuck just trying to get up here. Of course Shelly took going to A party as stepping out. Don't know why, what's stepping out got to do with a bunch of my Rode Bro's and WolfPack sitting in shop drinking brew? The only women were Jamie, Val, and Laudry fixing food, plus all of those are hitched.
The only reason I never snagged my phone is the battery on the phone had 2 bars on it and the way LiL Wolf was running figured I'd need my phone in case it puked and two, when I'm driving, I don't answer my phone for no one. Except Heavenly Father and/or Jesus himself. Outside of that if your calling me and I don't answer the phone, I'm driving or on the throne. Ya'll just got to wait until I get to a spot in the road that I can respond to you.
Now just waiting for the heat to die down to render repairs on LiL Wolf.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Excuse me, I'm not of the LGBT Community, not gay, but I am a genuine Confederate American Male, I like hot women

Excuse me, but  I am not of the queer, LGBT or other homo, community. What I am is a high octane two
legged canine, Confederate American Male that really loves women, of all hot styles and passions. If anyone wants to get my attention that is totally undivided, put a hot looking sugar babe in front of me in a mini skirt in nylons and decent heels or boots and I'll discuss anything and do just about anything ya'll want me too. I was born with a set of balls that dropped out from under my pelvic region at a very early age, problem was I had no idea what to do with it. My first crush was a gal who just so happens to be Senator Orin Hatch's R-Utah, niece Jolene Hatch. Met her at age 4 at Candy Campus pre-school in Layton Utah. Followed by Vicki Sickerea who lived across the street from us on Spurlock, Drive there in Layton, who just had to smother me in lipstick masked kissing. By age 6 I got the Peggy attachment that escalated to 8th Grade. Interscoped by Leanne Egbert aka Miss Egbert of Central Davis Junior High who wore super mini skirts, streamlined nylon hose and at minimum 6 inch heels. But I have always loved women , this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm someone that should be feared since I restrain myself, but I love the smell, taste, and all that being around women of some cosmetic and photographic quality looks affords. 
To give you a somewhat definition think of my carnal hunger, of feminitiles, as that of going to a LDS Church dinner. Food is okay, but 80% of the time the food has little spice and pizzaz. On the flip side, I like a bit of kyane pepper in the chili, get my drift here. The old song of the band Confederate Railroad, that says he likes his women a bit on the trashy side. So do I. Which is one of the many reasons, I really got into one of the young lady missionaries that visited our LDS Ward here, not only did her hair have some style, but she wore albeit by church standards but she wore perfume, and makeup. In short spicy. 
On things Church. My Bishop here, on the agreement of helping me pay for the Power Bill here in Etown. Guess what? The agreement was that I would do some service for somebody in or for the Ward. So been scratching my cranium for what task I might perform for our Ward. Thing is I have no idea, since I have no idea what the Ward or someone would want me to do for them. Give me some perimeters. Most of the Ward would not want me in or around their homes, so that's out. See I'm seen as a carnivor of the Ward. So then comes must be that my task must be that of the meeting house. Something needs fixed I'll do it. The bottom line the pledge from the Ward was enough to keep my candles lit until I got out of here, by the time they pull the plug I'll be in Hazzard Idaho, and next month or so pay off RMPower if for any time for what unknown reason I'd ever want to return there. Which I have no plans on, no how no way. See I'm doing something right now that very few people ever get to do, go home, and relive much of my teen and mid 20 year something life. As such it'll be a cold day in Heaven and hell, if I ever move again. In a few years my plans are on buying the tiny house I'll be living and YES , REAL LIVING, in. Not just residing in watching the world and my dreams evaporate like coffee on a metal fender. 
Any mile gotta go, long haul today.