Thursday, July 6, 2017

Funny how these things happen but it proves my point

Its funny in a way, tragic in another. For near 3 years now searching for visual female talent for the Knytes from all over Utah and western Wyoming hardly if anyone would even interview let alone show up at a shoot. Yet I put up an unpaid ad on fb and shazzam one shows that is super hot and ya'll couldn't tell she just had a young'n. Yet beyond the physical beauty, her attitude and all , hey the Rode House will soon see a beavy of beauties as they compete for the coveted parts of Cooter's Angels for the Iron Knytes Association Calendar as well as our TV ads and all. When I mentioned there would be a bit of toew smooching for our We LuV Toews bit, Myl did not flinch.
 This is a very simple straight post, for an ad, but sadly mis understood. This 
 with some editing turns into this:
 and has in its own right became a trade mark. Yet many including my Shelly 
 gets to thinking that its a prelim to some sort of sexual thing, or at least some sort of fetish.
So with that the interview complete and it feeling gooood, I think, we have our talent. In reflection, if I can find talent in small Wendell Idaho, but couldn't in both metro Utah as well as Etown Wyoming, is a serious slap in the face at both metro Utah as well as Evanston Wyoming. 
Speaking of Shelly, whilest Myl, and I were seated comfortably on the mini couch looking at her photos , Shelly calls, about more of her family problems. More on the line of our big fuss in late March, on her family holding back her money. I told her so, I know how people behave. In this case its greed. As long as my Shelly is there to ride herd the money flows. The minute she's gone, Mother and brother swindles Shelly's money then makes up excuses as to where it went.
All I can say is she needs to fix that before she moves out here, as its going to take both Shelly and my money to make the gig here now float. 
Its hot as Hades here today, so just waiting for the heat to die down a bit before I go out and finish unloading my truck. Then its off to Franks for my brew and Lynchburg Lemonade.

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