Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fighting with Google is like putting lipstick on a pig , eventually you discover the pig likes it

Ah for the love of my lithium and ability to keep a cool head. So as I was relating elsewhere, been getting a good bunch of calls for our tow service from Evanston, Wyoming. Not that I would not take the call, but geographically responding to a tow call for Evanston Wyoming from Wendell Idaho is 700 miles round trip, two tanks of diesel, at least, road and state permits, and if I'm lucky get there in 4 hours. What if the road is blocked or there are injuries? So I went to www.googlemybusiness.com to edit our information. Yep got suspended until further review. The hold back is putting up signage. Really? This means I have to out , find some wood and ink up a sign, plaster that on the tiny shop out back, take a picture and send it to some Indian lady at Google, who had no idea what a tow truck is. 
See how this could be a problem? Some crook, goes to Google My Business, scribbles a bunch of crap on the listing, even takes a photo of a sign mounted to a empty building, claim its his(or-her) business, rip off a bunch of people, and well can you see where this create or mislead people. It ought to be as simple as a verfication of your EIN number and phone number, and that be it.
As far as the former, both shops and the office that we ran at the house, never had signs on the damn building. The only reason we ran the office from the house, is that both Allwest and CenturyLink are too damn stupid and not motivated to run access as far as Internet and phone to either shop. Yet none has ever had a gall darn neon light on the place. 
I was really loosing it. I mean good hell Google get out and look around, get acquainted with the beautification laws of this nation, most towns don't dig signage in residential/industrial areas. Just because my business is ran from my home don't mean the business ain't a business. Good golly Miss Molly Google get these help desk people out of the office, better yet have them visit the rural parts of the USA. 
At least now however , GEICO won't be calling me to go fetch a car in Evanston Wyoming from Wendell Idaho.
Thank Goodness for Goody's Headache Powders, Jack Daniels, and Skoal, all three are needed when dealing with Google, Facebook or any of those outfits. You desire to go kick their ass is in your heart, but your brain says they wouldn't let you in any how. At least RodeWolf Toewing which is also us is listed, but nothing has the eye candy nor the punch that Highway Hooker Toewing does. 
It's like putting socks on a rooster.
hang tight this ain't over.

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