Monday, July 17, 2017

Did I get a stiffy?

When I'm in the realm of auditioning new lady eye candy for the promotion of my company or that of the club I rely on Mother Nature. Most times the condition can be enhanced through coaching , and some just through simple skills. 
Being from southern parts of this nation, I remember the times going coon hunting. You realize after a time, that there are those hunting dogs, that can be an aid or a pain. There are hunting dogs that just have the breeding and aptitude that are there naturally, then there are those that need to be taught. Most of the time I'd rather have the dogs that get the idea automatically and does it rather than teach all the time. In the world of photographic enhancement done by models or actress's there are those that get it naturally and the ones that need teaching. Of those there are the ones that do their research of us as an organization and me through the company. Those that can come into the office, knows how to tease and flirt, and gets me a wet spot, naturally are the ones I'd rather hire than the ones that need teaching. 
Several years ago, on a talent search for Hazzard County Choppers. I spent money and time going to Talent Management Group in Murray Utah. Of the many hopefuls, only two wore nylons and adoringly sweet skirts, that you could just smell, and taste the sweat from their toes and feet that you just knew would transfer to video, and give any male a stiffy. Then there were the ones who did not do as requested by me prior to the open call audition, that I ignored them and attempted to gain more time to talk details to the ones who listened. Then of course there were three others. Cynthia Newell from Nampa Idaho, Robin Whittaker from Minidoka Idaho, and of course, sweet Nurse GoodBody. When I requested they show up in nylons and be ready to have their toes kissed etc, they did, and got hired and got paid well. Others not so much.
Crimson is one who has sat on the fence. Although she has worn hose a few times has yet to thrust her feet and thus toes for a sample , hopefully Seester will do the real thing here shortly and show up in nylons and show off her toes in hose ready to be worshiped . The courtship is pretty much over, and the circling is done, its time to get to work, at least in my opinion. The talent that can follow directions and do it naturally without hesitation is the talent you want. After all if that talent in the office can't give you a wet spot or stiffy in person, then how is she going to give a person on the other side of a tiny screen, or through a magazine a stiffy? I as a producer, should not have to beg or plead here. Either they are ready to perform, a scene as a rehearsed thing or their not. If a talent at least for what we're looking for can't have their toes in nylons kissed at the drop of a hat, what else are they not going to do at a shoot? When they can't or wont do something that a producer/director requests in his mind he has a vision of what the shot or video block is to look like. What a producer/ Director does not want to hear is I don't want to do that, that's when it becomes problematic, and soon that's the talent you don't and won't hire in the future. No matter how bad she thinks her feet smell, the producer knows that already. In this business within reason, never says no. You just do it.
If I don't get a stiffy in the office on a first meet  or two, then how can the viewer get one and give attention to the message of the ad, which is why you hire a female model for.
Much to do, going to go get some sleep.

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