Sunday, July 23, 2017

Oh where oh where did Verna K Mason go and its not the Old Wendell.

One of the things I have stunningly learned over the years is that no matter where you grew up, in time those people you knew or went to school with are no longer there or are no longer the person you knew then. Of course the demography changes too. For even one person to completely remember me outside of the Knytes and/or the WolfPack, would have to have lived here 45 years ago, and stayed put, and when it comes to the women I went to school with stayed unmarried and had at least a Facebook account. Of course the older folks here that I knew then have gotten even older.
The other day redoing insurance for my rigs, went into Bunn Insurance here. Good and I mean, mean Dale Bunn who years ago was a strapping no bull Deputy Sheriff here was an old man that looked so shrivelled and all that I hardly recognized him. He distantly remembered me and reminded me to drive slow. Might have been a few of those Late night high speed jaunts through the countryside around here that had him say that. Course  visiting with Dale's grandson and all got tuned into who was and who wasn't here then and who most likely wouldn't want a soon to be visit.
One of those who I was curious about, just to know what happened to her was Vernna K Mason. When I met Vernna she was a Senior at Wendell High, and very fashion knowledgeable. She wore the absolute shortest dress's and heels(yes nylons too) but while her legs at the time I would have loved to have wrapped around my neck, it was her body. She had measurements that were confirmed by our shop class there at Wendell 2 months before graduation. Understand she was a Senior, but measured 38-24-36 I kid you not. Skip Mcfarland one of the founding members of the Knytes, myself, Tracy West(another founding member, ) and Curt Eaton, coerced Vernna to visit our ag shop. Skip quickly drew out a tape measure, and measured her. She confirmed and in the year book of 1976 it is posted there. Denise Weaver, Sheryll Williamson(Willey) Darlene Wert and others have sinced moved away or gotten married and are staying hidden. Oh yes there are somethings that have lived through the years. Simerley's Market is here, although greatly expanded. The Filling Station(Wendell Snack Bar) that was a gas station, I can remember fixing cars in there. John's Tire and a few other points of commerce are still here and I can say I'm much more relaxed than I have been in many years. I hardly need my Lithium meds, my breathing is easier, all I smell now is dairy manure and for an old dairy farmer like me, that smell is better than any perfume. There are real to goodness stop lights here now where one lonely flashing light was in front or at the intersection of where the Maverick is now, back then, it was the Wendell Department store. I remember when that burned down, yes LexiBelle was there too. The Wendell Department Store used to sell magazines, and its where I bought my first issue of Playboy Magazine, of course depending on who was at the check out register, where I could buy original Skoal, and what was Happy Days Mint. Even at 15 I purchased my fave flave of chew. The B&B Grill is now a Mexican Cafe, but back then it was both a grill and bar. Which depending on who was working, a high school student could by lunch and a brew or two at noon. Made school easier to go to. 
Of course the Mathers Twins are gone, Patricia Mathers was our ah English teacher, mom was hot, but Jackie and Carla serviced just about every high school student and a few so called Junior High. It was different then and nearly the same, but some attitudes and personalities have changed. The 8x10 menella paper posts of the Knytes needing babes for ads are not looked at, now the fuzz looks at that more, and the community does not look at such with the same sense of innocense as they did then. 
That all said I live in a nice, not super luxury , but nice FULL all 3 bedrooms house, in a nice neighborhood with friendly neighbors, and I'm content.
Few know what is in the rear here of the Knytes Rode House.
More on that next entry.
In closing, really does anyone here know what happened to Vernna K Mason?

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