Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Just about done with the fun of moving

Just about done with the fun of moving. Slid in last night at just a tad under 01:15 after waiting until 17:00 for Vern to get done building fence for his daughter over in Bliss. 
Truck ran okay getting up here except lost my lighted sun visor after getting in the air wash of a car hauler just outside of Raft River, Idaho. So started backing in this back parking lot that has deep gravel got stuck, and the battery quit. With all that threw on the battery charger, came in snagged a bath, scarfed down some turn overs, Thank you to Jamie for that. Gulped down the last bit of milk and my butt and the rest of me was in bed.
Had every intention of going to a 4th of July thing being thrown by the Knytes and the Son's but was stuck just trying to get up here. Of course Shelly took going to A party as stepping out. Don't know why, what's stepping out got to do with a bunch of my Rode Bro's and WolfPack sitting in shop drinking brew? The only women were Jamie, Val, and Laudry fixing food, plus all of those are hitched.
The only reason I never snagged my phone is the battery on the phone had 2 bars on it and the way LiL Wolf was running figured I'd need my phone in case it puked and two, when I'm driving, I don't answer my phone for no one. Except Heavenly Father and/or Jesus himself. Outside of that if your calling me and I don't answer the phone, I'm driving or on the throne. Ya'll just got to wait until I get to a spot in the road that I can respond to you.
Now just waiting for the heat to die down to render repairs on LiL Wolf.

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