Friday, April 29, 2016

You don't count on nobody except yourself, it is a payday Friday

The one thing you get drilled into your head as a raw recruit, in the Marines, is this; Don't count, and don't expect help or anything from anybody else, except yourself. You really can't depend on no one. So today I went to Wells Fargo, here; and with the thought of pulling my entire account from there and a two hour gig with a banker and all the $229.00 for Shelly's bus ticket is back in my checking account. But I still think I ought to be paid back for all that I went through with her. From reduction of income due to not being able to be at the shop due to her keeping me up most nights, to the threats, and so on. Plus the fuel carting her all over town to see a bunch of head health professionals the list goes on. So I told her brother online that he'd ought to at least make sure I got the $400.00 I'm out for all of that back and I'd forget the rest. Oh sure at the last Shelly said she could cook, but she didn't mind being fed from McDonalds, Pizza-Hut, and so on, no she didn't care. Add to that all she did was sit in the Lair, on Facebook, and bitch about a Nicole Bryer that was giving her grief. The reality of it, Shelly thought she found a Sugar daddy, who would put up with her junk, when she found the sugar had conditions, she was pissed. Should have gave her the boot the first of April, but it took a month. Even my pal Rick said he thought she was really off center and goofy and that'd never last. 
She hardly if any cleaned the Lair, or even just went outside for a walk. Now will I ever see that $400.00 from her? I'd turn blue if I held my breath for that, am I glad as hell she's gone, bet your ass I am, then she had the gall to call me and tell me to let her go, that she'd met someone else, was happy and was engaged, to whit I say; shit I forgot her about the time I met Lexi, Two, let her go, I did that a week after she was here, as I was trying to be kind and attempt to get my money back from her. Three, I'd like to just tell her new guy, I wish him luck he'll need it. Course maybe he's insane as well since he fell for her. But at least this month , I can look in my bank account, even after paying both the Club, and Rick some of what I owe em both, and see I have some money in my account. 
So went to R&R Station, and chowed down, on the Junk Pile, although now we call the Junk Pile, Orgasm on a plate. It's that good.
Any mile , going in catching some zz's so as to be on air later, on HazzardAyre Radio, . To Shelly's brother Ken and all that, I let her go, and never, ever want to see her again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I just hate fronters, posers, and those not being at least civil

I got a feed from a gal at Walmart here in Evanston about a gal named Andrea, who might be interested in being an intern here at SSM. So I stay awake all damn day, after being on air all night Tuesday into Wednesday, morning then dealing with tech issues Wednesday morning oh yes , Happy Birthday to me. But here's the rub, if your not interested in a career opening with us or any company, and you make an appointment to interview, you should at least call or text and say something like, not today or not interested. Not just blow you off. These are some of the reasons I'm having serious concerns on operations here in this town. Maybe it's NOT the right place for this, and yes we'll get there, but for those who come to us later, the only meter they'll be seeing is:
Its just not cool, professional, nor business like to just blow off a career interview, more over don't call someone and say your going to be there, then not show up? This is why the Knytes and its group of companies succeed and others? Well they work for Walmart.

It's my birthday, but who really cared

So woke up to the foot steps of Pam our Real Estate person, coming up my stairs.
Pam can wake me up any time, she's that cool. Then this morning Nate texts me HB,Happy Birthday, and some of the club members, but nobody else that I was kind to, helped out and even a few that I was in business with over this past year here in Evanston even said Happy Birthday, how the hell are ya, nothing. Then they wonder why I drag my feet in repayment. Few of my clients, none of the foxes that I have gave big tips too at both bars here, as well as have visited with, but oh, they'll expect that same large tip next time I go to one of those establishments. The people at Primcast, one of our upcoming streaming partners, as well as our primary one wished me a Happy Birthday, members of the 214 wished me a Happy Birthday, but could anyone local? Could Dave, Vern, or members of my LDS ward wish me an online or a visit to the Lair say Happy Birthday? Maybe even squeeze out a $10.00 or $20.00 so I can buy fuel for my car, or a McDonalds burger? Nope. 
This morning I was fit to be tied, my Livestream, software went sour, and everything I did made it go even further sour. After 10 calls to Brooklin New York, and a tech who looked foxy, I got it all floating good again, although according to the tech, the older version of Procaster, rather than Producer was better for what we do. Primcast is for radio and audio streaming primarily, and for radio professionals, but I too like Livestream, because when we do go visual, in a few months we can feed a video showing us in studio doing HazzardAyre Radio, which still is the only one I can currently feed to. 
A1 and Charlies bunch and A1 emailed a Happy Birthday, so a few people do care if I live or die, but for those that I and the club through my direction of that has spent thousands of dollars, shame on you for not saying Happy Birthday. Next time I'm ready to buy something from you or the club needs to we'll think again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Its great to have just a Gal-Pal, without the baggage and commitment issues

There are times its great to have just a gal-pal, without the relationship issues of being he and she, or such things hovering over , and things getting sticky and yucky. There's a gal down here at WalMart that I met about 9 months ago there. Over time I've gotten to know her kids, her hubby, and all, and I've kept a place or two in the administrative side of the club's office operations for her. While she's not a model type, she's brainy. I first ran into Judy when she was stocking shelves. We chatted for a bit, and with some noise from me and my guys, she got promoted to cashier. Since then if she's not there on day shift or evening shift, I only buy enough to get out of there then buy the rest up at Smith's. Of course overnight it's Dave that I count on. But that's a different story. These are people I know, not found online , not being conned, or anything , just somebody who knows that I and the club is truly real, and are making a difference in this small town on the western Wyoming border. I've always enjoyed having the lady point of view, the female intuition 6th sense, without having the same gal, going home and making a home with me. Without the thoughts of getting hinky and kinky , just working for the task of creating and resumption of a empire, albeit a small empire. To answer your obvious question, if she was single and all might I pursue things a bit more personal? Perhaps, there is real chemistry, something not shared with a recent other. The fact is I'm tickled green that I don't have to make that decision. Now if Pam and all can push Mr. Bliss on our office and all in the old City Hall, building we'll have it made. 
Yes it's time that our world wakes up to the fact that a guy and a woman can be belching, farting, beer drinking friends without it getting to the point of getting physical. I'm even getting introduced to Kineisha a gal I met when I had to babysit and instruct you know who. It is though getting nice that things are getting back to some measure of normalcy here. My mind is relaxing. I wanted to get out more, Tuesday, but this twisted ankle and all bandaged up kept me from doing that, plus need that foot for clutch without which , I can't go anywhere. The Lair will be full in the afternoon. Visitors of a SheWolvez nature. Details on Wednesday's show, and oh yes Happy Birthday to me, Wednesday. 

It really depends on the gender as to how well this kind of thing is successful.

Nobody is ignorant about the fact that the club, for and on behalf of its website, TV show, and all has been looking to hire modeling talent. Thing is I think, no, I know that the reluctance of any kind of involvement by anything female has to do with the fact that its ran by, hosted by and taught by, MEN. If a woman was running this, there would be women a mile long and 5 foot wide around the Lair. Despite the protection of that tiny flower between their legs, which is 90% of the reluctance its also that we are not on the LDS Seal of approval. Or anything close to it. Now let me extend this a bit further, to the health department.
A week or so ago, took Shelly up to see a team of head shrinks, to aid in her challenges. Guess what not only did she get in , but had an intake session right then and there. This is the same place I went to when I first touched ground here in Evanston, to get a refill for my prescription for Lithium. Do you know what? I'm still waiting for that return phone call. The difference? I'm a guy, Shelly is a wounded woman, and guess what she gets the help, I get dumped on the door sill. It's not just here, I have seen this kind of gender descrimination before. Dig this, back in 2011, just before the shot was fired that got HazzardAyre Radio going, I was in the part way process of  transfering my bank account and a few things. Okay I was starving, so went to the food bank in Buhl, Idaho. Here I am a full bird Marine Colonel, needing a box of food or at least a bit of grub, yet here came a Mexican lady with 5 not legal children, and who got the food? Yep you know, the Mexican lady. 
I also remember back in 1997/98 somewhere, we landed in Tooele Utah. Again poster girls were needed. So ad went in the paper and a few things online, although at the time my online ability was somewhat limited. Hardly any body of the female gender would show up at our quarters there. The Little Red Riding Hood, feared the Wolf as well as the Reaper. However, same ad, and all went in the same paper, once I got hooked to Eva Marie there, and we had no less that 10 women parading through her house a night. The difference, there appeared to be a SO in the house and in charge, so the female sect was not fearful. Which brings me to the thing of why, office or no office, if your hunting for female talent or to get women involved in a project, make sure you have another woman in charge first. Makes it easier. We now have one, I'll introduce you to her on air Saturday.

Super Fox or Fugdugly their poop still stinks no matter what's outside

There she is, dreamy as a big dish of strawberry shortcake, those lips shine and glisten and those eyes highlighted by all the warpaint, just makes you feel enslaved to the point you'll do anything and go against everything you think you stand for. Or perhaps, she's a fugdugly old skank, but has a great personality, not too much extra emotional baggage, fun to talk to, so you chummy up. In both cases, you miss the important thing, at night when the doors are closed, TV not for shit(more on that next entry) and its quiet time, remember under the skin, both still are human, both still poop, and their underarms still smell like day old chicken noodle soup. In essence they both still stink. Sure the super fox is easier on the eyes, and promotes the furtherance of sexual pursuits, but in the morning after its done, her breath is still going to smell like the bottom of an ashtray, and taste somewhat that way as well. After all of that what do you still have left? Her personality, intelligence and demeanor and attitude. If you can't talk to em, can't even get an intelligent reply to a question, and get called everything in the book, You still are not going to match up no matter how great or fugdugly she looks. In our southern traditions, most guys went through a period called courtship or courting. This gave you time to really get to know a gal, prior to any thought or discussion, of marriage. Today with online hook ups, dating sites and that terrible thing called Facebook, you really do not get to know someone well , before you engage in any kind of meaningful relationship. 
In my years, and its sorry that its no longer part of the gig, the LDS Church amongst other social events used to have Mutual, as well as for older people socials. You got to meet, dance, romance and during a slow dance, got to really know her before you ever got to take her home, if you were lucky. Course back then even taking one home was not the legal threat it is today. Back then if something didn't work out for whatever reason, you both walked away from each other had a good cry, or worked on your truck for us guys and it was done. Even if you did see her in town you just said hello. Thinking maybe again, someday, but sadly in reality, some day never comes. Today if you dump one that don't want to be dumped, she tells people you raped her, or some other stupid claim. Even though you never undressed her, and even if you did, nothing really happened that either of you didn't or might have thought of happening. For all the drawbacks of LDS Church teachings, and all, the requirement of being married before relations, is not only wise but keeps YOU, my fellow male corpuscles safe, and without blemish. I'm thankful for all those lessons I was taught and are taught again. Which is what kept me from being in one helluva mess with you know who. But even if the gal is a super Heavenly angelic fox, she ain't perfect. Mother Nature visits, every month without fail, she gets grumpy, cranky, and can fly off on you for the simplist of things. Many of which you have no control over. If you go into a relationship headed to the alter, you might think you have plenty of cash in your stash. You got money for your truck, for brew with the crew and all, however in reality, once you go into a relationship, YOU HAVE no MORE MONEY. It's now what's hers is hers, and what used to yours, is now HERS, as well. There are two things to keep in mind and an adage my mom taught me. Even the greatest super hero, in this case SuperGirl, once the cape is off, she's still human, or as my mom said, turn em all over at the race track, they all look the same. 
I'll be off air until 17:00 as were doing work on equipment here, but don't sweat it none we'll be on air after the chores are done, on RodeWolfFM, or online at; .

Monday, April 25, 2016

Guess I'm not alone in this, Smelly Shelly does this for kicks

Before I get into my rant here, I want to say this; Mental illness can effect many people for different reasons, trouble is they never get the treatment and help they need. This is one of those people. 
Having said that and I have to take some self blame for this, since it was I that was bamboozled into bringing this lady out here, to our beloved Evanston, on the surface of her doing a program writing gig, for SouthernSteele Media. Shelly had other ideas. As such, she moved into my Lair for a month or so and reaked havoc on my life, and finances. It would seem that Shelly has done this before, to more people , mostly men. She finds a victim, sweetens up to them, drives em nuts, they spend time and money to help her only to leave, and steal money. 
I am thankful to the many residents here in Evanston, from Lexi at the Legal Tender Lounge, to my Bishop, and many in between. If you look over my entries over the last two months, you'll find I went through worse than hell with this lady, and the injury, to my mind will take time to heal. She even owes her brothers money, two much more than she took from me. If you are unlucky enough to encounter, a woman named Shelly Nesbit, online or elsewhere, avoid her like the plague she is. Hopefully the FBI and others will discover this, and act accordingly. 
We'll be on air in the AM at 06:00 on , but Brave is on Disney Channel and I'm not going to miss that, this time.

File this under the used and abused department thank God and Greyhound she's gone

Now this may sound unChristian and all, but I paraphrase the song by Roy Clark(HeeHaw) that went Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone. Guess Smelly Shelly took the (pm out bus, with help from some freight haulers back to Florida. Smelly Shelly says, she'll pay me back for all she cost me, in fuel, back payments to Rick at the shop, and so on. So if I hold my breath waiting for that repayment, I'll turn blue. So much of my time, and expense, in retrospect wish I'd never saw that so called chat on FB. The entire thing set me back some $3k, and I'll crawl out from under that . But I have to belittle myself and go to our Bishop for help on power and gas heat bill, plus I'll have to do with $400.00 less this next month, but I'll manage. June will be redone as well. I thought about going to a different bank and I still might, so I can retain enough bucks to get things done next month, but I'm sure as hell glad that the weight is now off my shoulders and the ball and chain is off my ankles. 
I took advice from a few at Church, go online and find a gal, I did, but I'm convinced of two things, one: unless you know who she is, and she lives in your town, and only after a full background check, do you even think of making a date. Do not go for online dating the pics and description is most likely false, and three I'm just not one that can be fully domesticated. Thus why try? I've made it 57 years, and outside of 3 that count as being hitched to me and two others that were more lust than love, I've lived by myself and alone all this time, and few have been what they said they were. More over I'm not matchable to any woman, too few , are of a attitude or aptitude to marry this wolf, so I prowl all alone. 
So then I wake up, find my power off, thinking it had something to do with the weather called Rocky Mountain Power, who was nice and turned me back on. I want to know where the local power company office is at , where You can take your bill, and your cash and pay your bill. Poop on the idea that its all electronic and via a vendor. It's not just Rocky Mountain Power, its Idaho Power and most utilities. Except for the few communities like in Burley and Rupert Idaho, where the bill is with the local city. That way you CAN take your bill to a human, and pay your bill. 
Yea, Happy Birthday to me this week. Phooey, it my be my birthday this week, but it ain't nothing happy about it.

Just live with them, don't marry them, Wives are disasters looking for happenings

If I've said it once, I'll say it again, women are nice to shack up with once in awhile, but to marry one is a real sense of disaster looking for a happening. If your just satisfying carnal needs, or an occasional sleep over its fine, most women stay in their corner, replenish their warpaint and make you happy. However to marry one or establish a home with one, your taking on not just them, but their emotional and mental baggage. That load is much too heavy, and in my opinion , should be avoided at all costs. Divorces are expensive, but in many cases worth it. No matter where you trace it back to, whether it be to Cain, or all the way back to Eve, women are the problem, or source of problems of our planet. Oh sure they can provide all kinds of benefits and advantages, So employing them in your business, or having them part of your company team is good, beyond that, I'd rather live alone, eat alone, sleep alone and die alone. If you think your ever going to not only hook up with much less marry a super fox, think again. All those super foxes are looking for is a guy with mucho money, not a life's companion. It just don't make any sense to marry a woman. 
The BoM as well as all church teachings say that there's a very special place for those that can't find and marry, I must have one helluva special place and reward. 
I'm feeling very blessed and a miracle took place as Heavenly Father heard my prayer, and got me from under what could have been a very bad situation. Plus I think Heavenly Father proved to me , that as much as I'd like to have a family and all, I'm not ready for such a responsibilty. Oh sure having a nice lady here for such things as my Birthday, that is this Wednesday, but likewise, I can go into the hills, blow off steam, and connect with nature. Who needs a woman for that? 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Whew, glad that's over, this week things get back in order.

Whew glad that is finally over for good. Yet like a bad scab it'll resurface somewhere again, but as far as I'm concerned it ain't getting back in my lair. Okay so Shelly sends me a threat on the fact she's camping at the local Flying J. That's fine, and that a few freight haulers will protect her, from what? I don't care any more, but I don't take threats well. She just dumped any chance of reunification. She failed the club's Loyalty test, and now life will begin to smooth out, and I'll be able to heal. Wanted to go to church this morning as well as be on air overnight, but while my mind was in gear for that the engine, wasn't. I woke up spewing snot and gunk, to where I went to bed at noon, slept until about 3:00pm woke up ate what I could, took some meds , texted our Bishop, and watched Girl Meets World., on the Disney channel. Don't know why , but that one show allows me to drift back to my teens and unwind from stress. Watched Pure Country on INSP , or the Inspiration Channel, how many times are they going to run that movie? It's too bad that the only TV that's good on Sunday is the Disney Channel. Pure Country reminds me too much of the era or life I had with Janice. The only person to blame for that crumbling is me. I wont go into details, but full body massage with a happy ending is more than just a body massage. But I told the truth to Janice aka Monkee, and she moved from Montpelier Idaho, here to Evanston Wyoming in 1995 the rest is of course history. The reason, Pure Country is a memory of Monkee and I , is her son, my Step son Mike, thought he was a reformed George Strait. As such that the reason I like that film. 
Had a great supper, one of the wives of a club member made be barbque ribs, corn on the cob, and a good green salad. Even the club, says the smart thing I can do is locate and book a place back in Idaho. So I'm dedicated towards that goal. 
See you on the radio in the AM, on the AM , AM1240 to be exact, and I do most of my uploading for the radio show overnight to early morning, since I have more bandwidth. Maybe someday AllWest will run fiber optic, to my area of the valley, and give me as much horsepower going upload as it has coming down. 

The Last call for the haul, ya'll

Over the last few hours I have gotten quite a few calls saying that they felt I was being very cruel to Shelly, the gal that I brought out here to get hitched to. I also got calls from club members and a few others who know the situation that I'm in and are saying I'm doing the right thing, in testing her loyalties to both myself and the club as well as utmost dedication to the club and myself. I call it tough love and yes it is cruel, I feel both guilty and all about the thing, but at 43 years old it's time Shelly met the real world. Yes the real world is mean, nasty and will chew you up, spit you out and trample you under their hooves. But if you hold your ground, believe in the outcome, and survive, your now able to jump up and take life not only by the horns, but its balls and clit as well. 
I remember my Mom, and Dad doing the same thing to me to wake me up. On our 400 acre farm just outside of Hazzard, Idaho. There was one big house occupied at the time to a farm hand and his family, and another house meant for other farm hands. When I hit 17 years old, my parents, threw me out of the house we built, I moved in the smaller one for farm hands, endured mice, a tiny bedroom, a shower, and a rinky dink kitchen. For the first time in my life, I had to buy my own food, learn how to cook it, pay my own power and propane bill, sew, and all. I was on my own. I had to learn how to do my own wash, and ironing. Back then you had to iron denim jeans. I had to clean my own house, take out my own trash, and live looking at myself in the mirror, and all. I was by myself. Did it hurt? Bet your ass it did, but I grew up. By 1977 when I finally went into the Marines, and got off that bus, stood there on those golden boots and all, I already had a good foundation on living on my own. I wasn't pampered. Spoiled a bit perhaps, but never pampered. I learned how to do something our youth today hasn't, WORK. 
The initiation to the Knytes is near as strict. Without giving away too much, the final three things are serious tests, of the new prospect. First the climbing up a greased flag pole at Hazzard High, and putting rotten eggs up your butt. Second the walk of 10 miles from Bell Rapids to Hazzard township, in your underwear barefoot. And third, the cutting of your palm, and bleeding into a saucer, then all drinking of it. To unite members in full blood and spirit. So am I being cruel, to Shelly? Perhaps, but if she pasts these tests, can learn LDS teachings and becoming a member of the church prior to marriage, if she can learn to become independent as well as or rather than dependent , then we'll have a good match. If not , well she goes back to Florida.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Before the show, just truckin the Cyber Highway

Before I get into the cores of my post here need to relate a few things that are aiming my thoughts back into Idaho and saying just piss on Evanston and some of its rediculous bs and stuck up attitudes. Got a text from Pam, saying someone else wants to buy the old Hornets Nest. I say let em, the place will need to be totally overhauled to bring it to a point of excellence, much less up to 21st century standards. While the purchase price is good, by the time one finds, IF you can find enough people to work out there, pays the $15,000.00 to run cable from AllWest under the highway to the bar, and all the rest, I say , you want it, go for it. Now for our other choice, my thoughts are , it'd be nice, but again the labor force with its head out of its restrictive ass's to work in a place aimed at true He males is still a big concern, and ultimately who else is going to pay these filly's $15.00 an hour plus tips? As far as the radio station? All that will be here is a remote system, controlled from Idaho via a station to station relay through Utah. This is why the competing FM station has few if any LIVE on air shows, nobody to work in the studio. Good bye $20.00 an hour, and as it is who needs to rent a seperate office? Most if not all that needs to be done station studio wise I can do from right here in the Wolf's Lair.
Okay then, I went to the Evanston Business Expo thing. While I met a bunch of people, only the WHP officers provided me with anything useful. Pam did do a helluva job producing the gig, thing is outside of the WHP, nobody else has yet to make a return phone call, so why the hell would any reasonable thinking people ever open much less try to make a decent living and live here. But there's still 4 more months on my lease here, but as soon as that's done , I and the club is done here, unless a bunch of hurddles and blocks are remedied. 
Okay then , saw an article in Women's Health Magazine. Why I get this I don't know, I think someone signed up for a subscription and blew town, so I get this rag. Every once in awhile I see an article that makes some sense and has substance. In this months edition there was an article about Women's mental health, and all the avenues that occupy that realm . At first a bunch of the article dealt with well, women. So I got to wondering, did the writer there of think of comparing us male corpuscles's mental health? Oh we're not supposed depressed, nor grumpy, nor weepy, nor anything along those lines. In fact a man is supposed to be always cold as a stone, and not exhibit any emotion, hey we're not Data or Mr. Spock, we do have feelings, we do cry, not always in the open , but we feel and cry. We get emotional as well. We also feel the biological emotions as well. Men do experience although not always recognized, but men do get monthly cramps and have periods. While men wont flow like a woman we experience all the other, parts of a monthly, from water weight gain, to cramps, to pukyness . Its a reality that men also have the ability, to carry a child inside, we have the same although not developed but the same equipment, there are some men that can even excrete milk from our breasts. Not that much, but still our T-shirts can get wet, and it ain't sweat. Beyond that ; Men can also be sent packing from a job, or seen less than male, if he admits he has a mental illness. Beit from PTSD or others from military service, or some other trauma emotionally from childhood, from molestation, to being bullied. Men have feelings, depression, suicide thoughts and others. Question too; are these more prominent for women than men? Or are we guys just better at hiding it? 
Last here before we get ready to go on air this morning.
Shelly, is still out in the cold. Seems as though no place will take her in, nor put up with her junk. She calls me, she has the money for me for the club, as well as that she thinks she's knocked up, thinks its mine? Really, unless its immaculate conception, it can't be, I never touched her. And you can't get PG from taking baths in the same bathtub. 
Now one more, saw a product online called the SquattyPotty. The inventors say, that by slightly elevating your feet and legs at a 45 degree angle that you can poop easier. So come the 1st, I'm ordering one, just to see if it works as claimed. The name though is wrong it should be pot stool, not squatty potty, since it's not a potty at all, see ya'll on air this morning starting at 07:00 Hours, and overnight starting at 11:00PM Sunday night.

Due to circumstances beyond our control no RodeWolf FM online until noon , and does she wear nylons? Still ?

Due to circumstances beyond our control no RodeWolf FM online until 12:00 PM or noon, Mountain Standard Time. Seems either our uplink from AllWest or the pickup from Livestream is outta whack, so we can't get a none recycling strong signal out, so we're just running OTA(Over the Air.) . This seems to be an ongoing situation, and one we're looking to cure before fall, mainly relocate the main station back into Metro-Utah, where 1 and 2 gig symetrical cyber links can be had. Then retransmit here OTA as well as online from our translator station at both AM 1240, as well as FM 104.7. 
So caught a few pics from quite a few of those not being lucky enough to catch a date, that were posting biker pics and others. Some leggy , some not so much, but in short enough skirts and shorts, that just begged the question, does she wear nylons with that? I always get asked why I wonder about that final finish piece on a lady. I always say that wearing nylons with anything short skirted or mini shorts, just adds a bit of class and finish, rather than the I don't care, trashy look. The other reason, and I always hope to catch a glimpse if any of her toes. I started this trend back in 1979 when we first aired our first TV add for our towing service on KMVT 11. Because of network censors if you shot a commercial or TV show that showed a lot of leg, they had to have at least nylons covering them. Example, Cathy Bach aka Daisy Duke, had to wear nylons with her trademarked shorts. Back then I created an ad, from two inspirations. One was from a Yellow Page ad from a tow service in Star Valley Wyoming that read as a tag or slogan, " We don't want your arms or legs, just your toews." Playing on the words TOE and TOW. Then a few months later I saw an ad for a plumbing company in Boise where at the end of one of their TV ads, it read , " We treat our customers like Royalty" Where the plumber kissed this upity woman's hand. So I thought do something southern kountry(mis=spelled on purpose) yet along the lines of Cinderella . Where at the end of our ad, I'd kiss the gals toes in nylons of course, with the end tag, we LuV Toewz. Since then , the first thing I always look at first on a lady is her legs followed by her in nylons , followed by her toes in those hose. Ever since then if a gal wants my undivided attention, its dainty toes in nylons or my attraction attention, will not be so singular.  The first gal who did that was Ace's old lady Claressa from Hazzard, the next was a gal from Emmett Idaho, named Cynthia who chose to wear the minimalist of clothing yet tasteful, followed by Robin , (Miss Dixie Diesel 1993, then Erin, our Nurse GoodBody. Emme Lee, also did that, unfortunately her involvement with the production company was way too short. But Emme, did leave the idea, of taking the two words TOE and TOW and scrunching them together as TOEW. and that's how that happened. 
So in closing here so I can catch some snooze time, no overnight run for RodeWolf FM due to a computer tech problem, but we'll be back on about noon to 13:00 Hours(1:00PM) and next time your looking at a gal in yoga pants, or mini skirt, or near mini skirt ask or attempt to determine, "Is she wearing Nylons with that?" .

Thursday, April 21, 2016

WTF , let's be up front about this and put it to bed

First of all I should be still in my bed raking off sleep miles. But some confounded toy dog started making so much damn noise in the stair well just outside the Wolf's Lair here at the Wentworth that I had to get up, make a cup of java and catch up on some scribing here as well as gathering news. So immediately I see, a bunch of people calling me every name they could think of, and saying my comments on Prince dieing are not proper. I know its not Christ like to bad mouth the dead. So to fellow family members and all my prayers are with you in your time of loss. That said, and it's not that I'm being racist or bigoted. But fact is, I did not loose any love for Prince. I was not a fan, didn't see all his contributions to pop music, nor was a fan of the man's music. I am not into anything along the line going to walk in high regard to a person into the LGBT community. I just did not like this guy, and as of yet this is STILL AMERICA  and I have a right to say I just didn't like Prince, so get off my back. There wasn't this much fuss over Waylon, there was not this much fuss over Merle and there wasn't this much fuss over loosing Jimmy Best aka Roscoe . There wasn't this much fanfare over us loosing Uncle Jessie Duke, or Boss Hogg, the original GodFather. But my let one Black queer disco music guy bite the sand, and anyone who says they didn't like him, gets tarred and feathered. 
Bottom Line?    Likewise