Monday, April 18, 2016

The end of a very LONG Monday

The end of a very LONG Monday. The day started okay , got up chugged down my morning yogurt smoothie, half quart of milk and Hostess cupcake. Tried to shower but found no soap, nor my razor. This were red flags I suppose, but as the Confederate Marine I am, I carried on. Went to the meeting with the lady at Uinta Realty to the new bar or what will be the new bar. Then got back to her office, starving and needing serious feeding went to the Legal, had breakfast , met with the Wolf Pack and got back here to the Wolf's Lair. Got some serious work done here in the studio, but then it started. Shelly got the boot, from the Prarie. seems her brother decided not to pay her motel bills, so no rent no live there. I told her that would happen, she didn't believe me. The thing is as I and many suspect is, her brother does not, repeat NOT want her back. So they're not sending her a bus ticket. The story she tells the local fuzz is, can't get a ticket at the Chevron, and can't do anything until Friday. Shelly and a very few want her back with me, something that I'm not in a big rush to do. My nerves and spirit wont take her anymore. I told her the best thing she could do is check herself into the mental hospital, but she wont do that. Until she gets all her marbles back in order, I can't have her here. The property manager, my home teacher, and neighbors say the best thing for this relationship, is for a long term seperation, until such time as both our lives are completely together. Being as I suppose this will be all day Tuesday, I'm forgoing the show tonight , turning off my phone, my computer and going to bed. 

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