Saturday, April 23, 2016

Before the show, just truckin the Cyber Highway

Before I get into the cores of my post here need to relate a few things that are aiming my thoughts back into Idaho and saying just piss on Evanston and some of its rediculous bs and stuck up attitudes. Got a text from Pam, saying someone else wants to buy the old Hornets Nest. I say let em, the place will need to be totally overhauled to bring it to a point of excellence, much less up to 21st century standards. While the purchase price is good, by the time one finds, IF you can find enough people to work out there, pays the $15,000.00 to run cable from AllWest under the highway to the bar, and all the rest, I say , you want it, go for it. Now for our other choice, my thoughts are , it'd be nice, but again the labor force with its head out of its restrictive ass's to work in a place aimed at true He males is still a big concern, and ultimately who else is going to pay these filly's $15.00 an hour plus tips? As far as the radio station? All that will be here is a remote system, controlled from Idaho via a station to station relay through Utah. This is why the competing FM station has few if any LIVE on air shows, nobody to work in the studio. Good bye $20.00 an hour, and as it is who needs to rent a seperate office? Most if not all that needs to be done station studio wise I can do from right here in the Wolf's Lair.
Okay then, I went to the Evanston Business Expo thing. While I met a bunch of people, only the WHP officers provided me with anything useful. Pam did do a helluva job producing the gig, thing is outside of the WHP, nobody else has yet to make a return phone call, so why the hell would any reasonable thinking people ever open much less try to make a decent living and live here. But there's still 4 more months on my lease here, but as soon as that's done , I and the club is done here, unless a bunch of hurddles and blocks are remedied. 
Okay then , saw an article in Women's Health Magazine. Why I get this I don't know, I think someone signed up for a subscription and blew town, so I get this rag. Every once in awhile I see an article that makes some sense and has substance. In this months edition there was an article about Women's mental health, and all the avenues that occupy that realm . At first a bunch of the article dealt with well, women. So I got to wondering, did the writer there of think of comparing us male corpuscles's mental health? Oh we're not supposed depressed, nor grumpy, nor weepy, nor anything along those lines. In fact a man is supposed to be always cold as a stone, and not exhibit any emotion, hey we're not Data or Mr. Spock, we do have feelings, we do cry, not always in the open , but we feel and cry. We get emotional as well. We also feel the biological emotions as well. Men do experience although not always recognized, but men do get monthly cramps and have periods. While men wont flow like a woman we experience all the other, parts of a monthly, from water weight gain, to cramps, to pukyness . Its a reality that men also have the ability, to carry a child inside, we have the same although not developed but the same equipment, there are some men that can even excrete milk from our breasts. Not that much, but still our T-shirts can get wet, and it ain't sweat. Beyond that ; Men can also be sent packing from a job, or seen less than male, if he admits he has a mental illness. Beit from PTSD or others from military service, or some other trauma emotionally from childhood, from molestation, to being bullied. Men have feelings, depression, suicide thoughts and others. Question too; are these more prominent for women than men? Or are we guys just better at hiding it? 
Last here before we get ready to go on air this morning.
Shelly, is still out in the cold. Seems as though no place will take her in, nor put up with her junk. She calls me, she has the money for me for the club, as well as that she thinks she's knocked up, thinks its mine? Really, unless its immaculate conception, it can't be, I never touched her. And you can't get PG from taking baths in the same bathtub. 
Now one more, saw a product online called the SquattyPotty. The inventors say, that by slightly elevating your feet and legs at a 45 degree angle that you can poop easier. So come the 1st, I'm ordering one, just to see if it works as claimed. The name though is wrong it should be pot stool, not squatty potty, since it's not a potty at all, see ya'll on air this morning starting at 07:00 Hours, and overnight starting at 11:00PM Sunday night.

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