Monday, April 11, 2016

I love where I'm at , what I'm doing and the community that I reside in

I just love my life right now. While it's true that I'd love a ton of infrastructure improvements here in Evanston Wyoming, and while it does frustrate me no end at the mule headed, stubborn attitudes of the area, I do have to say that I'm better off here now, than I've been in many a year. This does not mean that if the right offer from say Idaho, or that if I found a place to live in or around the Twin Falls area of Idaho that I could afford, that I wouldn't jump, but I can say that in many ways, I'm okay. I got into a conversation just a bit ago during the Zeb Bell show heard here on HazzardAyre Radio, daily, that I said yes I'm a spud. No matter what else that I could be claimed , my heart and life is from that area, however, I can't afford to live there. The fact that two of my rigs are up on jacks and that General JaXson, needs work that I couldn't move if I wanted to. But that said, I came here with a mission on behalf of the Knytes-of-Dixie, as well as the AyreWolvez, to bring to light a radio station in and for the sake of preservation of Hazzard County and southern values and history. More over to be the news and entertainment source for the over the road trucker, as well as the professional toewing operator, and of course rural America. That's where its at for me. With that, I'm thankful for a Bishop in an LDS Ward, that is truly a man of and serving Christ, more over very trustworthy. More over a family that have sort of adopted me in the love they have shown in both good and bad times me. I am thankful, that I can get up at 03:00 hours, in my underwear if needed , go into a home studio, and do 6 hours of radio. I'm thankful for a real home , food in my stomach , and a cable Telecom AllWest that even with a few problems, and a manager there in Kamas Utah, by the name of Mindy Broadhead, that has kept us on the air, and operational. 
I reminded my friend of with all the so called good times in Burley for example, but also that I had to sleep albeit in my bed, but where mice ran rampant, where going to the toilet meant going outside to an outhouse, and again the mice. I had to remind him, of the times in Twin Falls when I got there, of the Mexicali neighbors, the lack of, like here, where need outweighed the infrastructure of fluid REAL high output, large broadband internet. Sure I was laboring at A1 there, but that was overshadowed by the abuse I underwent there by a population that while expanded still is in infantile mindsets. It wasn't all peaches and cream, more like, a lot of sour croat, and I was under the gun all the time. I also remember Ogden Utah, the flood that I was never refunded money for my things that was ruined. As well as having to sleep, on a small futon couch in a one room office in Woods Cross Utah. Sure I had a rather rough welcoming here in Evanston, but as time has gone on, the town has embraced me, in ways, few other communities have. So my friend, yes its been a real bytch here, but it could be a LOT worse.

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