Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Its great to have just a Gal-Pal, without the baggage and commitment issues

There are times its great to have just a gal-pal, without the relationship issues of being he and she, or such things hovering over , and things getting sticky and yucky. There's a gal down here at WalMart that I met about 9 months ago there. Over time I've gotten to know her kids, her hubby, and all, and I've kept a place or two in the administrative side of the club's office operations for her. While she's not a model type, she's brainy. I first ran into Judy when she was stocking shelves. We chatted for a bit, and with some noise from me and my guys, she got promoted to cashier. Since then if she's not there on day shift or evening shift, I only buy enough to get out of there then buy the rest up at Smith's. Of course overnight it's Dave that I count on. But that's a different story. These are people I know, not found online , not being conned, or anything , just somebody who knows that I and the club is truly real, and are making a difference in this small town on the western Wyoming border. I've always enjoyed having the lady point of view, the female intuition 6th sense, without having the same gal, going home and making a home with me. Without the thoughts of getting hinky and kinky , just working for the task of creating and resumption of a empire, albeit a small empire. To answer your obvious question, if she was single and all might I pursue things a bit more personal? Perhaps, there is real chemistry, something not shared with a recent other. The fact is I'm tickled green that I don't have to make that decision. Now if Pam and all can push Mr. Bliss on our office and all in the old City Hall, building we'll have it made. 
Yes it's time that our world wakes up to the fact that a guy and a woman can be belching, farting, beer drinking friends without it getting to the point of getting physical. I'm even getting introduced to Kineisha a gal I met when I had to babysit and instruct you know who. It is though getting nice that things are getting back to some measure of normalcy here. My mind is relaxing. I wanted to get out more, Tuesday, but this twisted ankle and all bandaged up kept me from doing that, plus need that foot for clutch without which , I can't go anywhere. The Lair will be full in the afternoon. Visitors of a SheWolvez nature. Details on Wednesday's show, and oh yes Happy Birthday to me, Wednesday. 

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