Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Some things flop , others get attention, Want to tell my former partner that I told you so.

I usually don't like to be a told you so, but I will this time, I told you so. 
See back in December 2015 , my partner at our old shop on Riverside Loop, said I should change the name of our towing service side, as in his words Highway Hooker did not jive. Well I dug out SpeedWrench Toewing, retrofitted everything to that and yet hardly any calls. Back when it was still Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing we got no less than 10 calls, one of which made the money to go fetch LexiBelle in the first place. Now there are times, I can't repair certain things because of my bad health, or do as much in the shop as I used to, but I know business. Despite claims otherwise, the thing is man and most people can't ignore their carnal needs, anything that gives a dose of pleasure or suggests such does well , because its remembered. One of my best friends in the business of Towing in Twin Falls, Idaho, named his company Marky's Towing, carved the name out of black and purple, guess what he's the number two tow service just behind A1. Why is Mark successful? Because , the name Marky's suggests that there's a hot female involved. Men gravitate to that and thus call. The same holds true for Highway Hooker Toewing. So with this writing I'm taking our tow service back to Highway Hooker Toewing, and all that makes that up. 
More in The AM.

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