Thursday, April 21, 2016

WTF , let's be up front about this and put it to bed

First of all I should be still in my bed raking off sleep miles. But some confounded toy dog started making so much damn noise in the stair well just outside the Wolf's Lair here at the Wentworth that I had to get up, make a cup of java and catch up on some scribing here as well as gathering news. So immediately I see, a bunch of people calling me every name they could think of, and saying my comments on Prince dieing are not proper. I know its not Christ like to bad mouth the dead. So to fellow family members and all my prayers are with you in your time of loss. That said, and it's not that I'm being racist or bigoted. But fact is, I did not loose any love for Prince. I was not a fan, didn't see all his contributions to pop music, nor was a fan of the man's music. I am not into anything along the line going to walk in high regard to a person into the LGBT community. I just did not like this guy, and as of yet this is STILL AMERICA  and I have a right to say I just didn't like Prince, so get off my back. There wasn't this much fuss over Waylon, there was not this much fuss over Merle and there wasn't this much fuss over loosing Jimmy Best aka Roscoe . There wasn't this much fanfare over us loosing Uncle Jessie Duke, or Boss Hogg, the original GodFather. But my let one Black queer disco music guy bite the sand, and anyone who says they didn't like him, gets tarred and feathered. 
Bottom Line?    Likewise 

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