Monday, April 11, 2016

Why does it take so long for denim jeans to dry? It's a Monday

After a few weeks of uninterupted wear I finally decided to wash out my jeans. Some may say, " Why don't you just go to the laundry mat?" Too many screaming children, who don't speak native Dixie English, my nerves can't handle that. Of course others might say, " Get a washer and dryer" Have you priced out washers and dryers lately? For the price many outlets want for the pair, I can buy a bare block fat rat Chevy engine for. So I'm relegated to washing my jeans in the bath tub, letting the water and soap cool a bit so I can swish em around a bit to clean em. And yes I am looking for a washer and dryer used that works well. So I washed em, and hung em up on the shower curtain rod, and still need em to dry so I can get out and get things done.
It's a Monday, was greeted by Shelly, who was all blue and sad. Which I reminded her, if she hadn't been so pushy on the marriage thing, and crushing my free wyld spirit, was part of the cause of the break up, the other was the constant, boo-whoo of her abusive life, and the real thing of her being way over protected as a youth, that she never learned what the real world was all about, or to gain skills, to be employable. The last of it was the jealous tyraids over my looking at outside female models and on air talents that make up the creative process of HazzardAyre Radio/Dixie-Nation TV. It's constant and long term, just because I meet a gal that I think will or would look good on camera, does not mean she really is. It takes time to be around that potential talent to know if she will be a good fit, for on air in studio especially work withing our enterprise. But Shelly some how could not grasp that concept. Over the many years of working on these visual enhancement projects for the club's video gigs, I have met only two that could reach beyond the ah I'm jealous bit, and see the end goal. One of course, and I did mess this up, was Monkee aka Janice, my real xow (ex-old-wife) Monkee was 10 years older than I with two great kids, Mike and Christy. Mike adopted me right away, Christy took a bit longer, but it got there. I loved those kids just like they were my own. Ultimately Monkee and I would go to a meet and greet at an agency, I'd give a check on the list of applicants and Monkee would do the rest of the investigative work. The other was a gal that nearly was a wife named Eva Marie in Tooele Utah. Eva and I posted an ad in the local newsrag there, and we had no less that 8 female hopefuls in our house per night interviewing. But never once was a jealous or a , You like her rather than or better than me word was spoken. 
With the club's website and all needing completion, including our online radio channels getting a honey to photograph with LexiBelle my sweet toew truck, getting a perfect honey for lots of money contracted is needed, but Shelly , could not see that, so I sent her packing. Yet I think she has this idea that if she hangs in here , I'll take her back. Only if she did a huge amount of vocational rehab, plus see a shrink, and mostly pay me back for the money I spent on her, plus what she prevented me from making since radio gigs and all were neglected, would I ever consider a reunion. 
Last but not least, why is it that these damn telemarketers call you constantly, even after you have told them no, but hell no, that you don't have a credit card, that what they offer is way higher in price than something I'm already using? Plus they wait until mid day our time, here in Wyoming to call you? 
With technology and all these days, again I ask, why is it that some major clothier chain, make cotton denim jeans that dry faster? 

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