Saturday, January 28, 2017

Things women wont tell you but you know its true, sometimes they do smell foul

Some where in the evolution of this human species, it was presented that only men smell atrosious and ALL women and even younger girls are to smell sweet and innocent. Here's a awakening. Even women smell atrosious, they do smell pew. I was at a cafe today, with one of our Knytes members. Until the wait person, can't say waitress or waiter any more its wait person, that's supposed to be the PC for the vocation. Any mile this gal who looked kinda hot, came over and lifted her arms, to serve our food. My did she have the noodle soup smell under her arms. It was so bad I excused myself and went to the latrine and hurled. Then there are those medical conditions that plague all humans. Example, I have type-2 diabetes. There are times when Herman don't know when to stop leaking. So you go down the road in the truck, smelling like a open box of Golden Grahams cereal, since the glucose and sugars are having a slight disagreement. Your crotch really smells. There are times your nose gets what is called nose blind. You don't notice that the foul smell your inhaling just is YOU, not your co-pilot. Damn you stink. 
Of course there are other things, like when you have longer hair like I do, long hair is a rebel thing. Any mile, sometimes you get a knot in your hair,. Usually if I can see it in a mirror, I'll just cut it out with sizzors. However if its way in the back I can't see so I have to try and comb or brush it out. But how do women get those tangles out? Is there a creme rinse that will work? Women do not tell you these things. Then of course getting back to the foul scents.
Now since I was maybe 7 years old and introduced to the menu of thrills of a gal in stockings and legs foul scents never ever entered my nostrils or mind. However there was one night I was home in Hazzard. So my Shewolf at the time came in, and my she was really pew. So we watching some goofy thing on TV, BC(BC=Before Cable) and Britney Spears was on there dancing. These guys were holding Brit over their heads and you could see Brit was really sweating, and I though, " I wonder if she has really bad body odor. Since my own at the time, Shewolf really stunk. I thought does Britney Spears also smell pew? So I presented the question on my then over the air radio show of all things trucking and toewing, for all the ladies that were listeners, to send in their worst smelliest garments, and our crew would smell and evaluate and choose a winner, of the great smelly contest. Winner got a show T shirt and new set of tires. What we got in return was both genders sending things in and it defeated our concept. Thing is this started the quest of, do women really smell foul, and us guys just become nose blind? Or do they all smell but never tell? 
Had a good day for the most part today. Finally did some laundry, so now after months have clothes that don't smell foul, like they were in a livestock trailer under a box full of manure. 
A few of the fellers on a Vintage tow truck site on FB. A few might have the lightbar motor and bracket I'm looking for. Sure I can rip it apart , put in some new pieces, but I'd like to keep Lexi original, so I'm on a serious hunt for one.
Got a thing from SheWolf, this morning; commenting on the what would happen if I did some how reunite with Peggy. I don't think that anything on the lines of romance or he or she'n would go on, but it would be interesting, to learn what ever happened to her. Like wise Cindi Bosche , last time I saw Cindi, she was doing managerial duties at Tom's Market in Clearfield, Utah. Jonny was telling me about Dawn's sister. Now understand whilest I did have a unquenchable crush on Peggy, one of the gals Peggy hung around with was this super leggy gal named Dawn Odle. Who a few years ago now was killed in a traffic wreck. However at the time, Dawn as my mom noticed one day at a visit to my class, that Dawn wore a training bra. What is a training bra? And what does it train? There is no clear explaination on what a trainer bra, trains. Nor why women need to wear bras in the first place. The same question I have as to why, women don't or wont wear nylons any more. The part reason SOME women wear nylon hosiery is that it pleases us male corpuscles. 
Yes there are things that women wont tell you, but that you know is true, and yes there are times they do smell pew and really foul. After all, ever smell a vagina fart? Like Bro once said, vagina fart, smells like burned toast.

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