Monday, January 2, 2017

People who design computer programs ought to learn something about computers

Okay I'm not a computer geek
I'm not even a computer fan, I think the dang things are troublesome, impersonal and just plain idiotic. Computers took away the human connection. The Internet is poorly constructed and getting worse all the time. Here's an example; my apartment complex owners, sent me an invite to some phony rewards program. At best I might, and I say might get a $100.00 Walmart gift card. I say, how about not giving these rewards through a pretend sweepstakes program, and fix my bathtub faucet? With only $1,000.00 or so in the complexes operational cash stash, these funds could be used better. But any way the dope smokers sent me this invite and after 4 times trying to log in, I gave up. Hong Kong Phooey, somebody that thinks they are a computer geek obviously ain't. 
Yesterday, our Sister Sarah, brought up the idea of looking back on yesteryear. Good idea, although I'd rather look upon the future. I desire to see a Earth like Gene Roddenbury imagined it through Star Trek, where all races, creeds and ethnic groups get along and work towards innovation and increased intelligence, not spend every hour trying to kick butt on people who may be a different color, or from some other place on earth. Our flag of Dixie was not that of slavery or retaining that custom, nor was it about racism. There were many of all different races involved on the side of the Confederacy, but main stream press and actions of a very small bunch of jackass's took away our luster. We are regaining that bit by bit, which is why the Knytes support the cause so much. Our aim, is to remove that to love Dixie you either have to live in or have ancestors who did. How about putting forth the customs and knowledge of southern breeding nation wide. Has anyone ran at the national TV networks with that idea. Recently I found that Viacom because of actions of one buttwipe in Carolina, showed our battle flag after he wasted black folk in a church. The displayed battleflag was photoshopped into the photo, look at it very careful. Might it have been some politician, who did that to get Confederate images and artifacts removed from public eyes? Viacom pulled the Dukes of Hazzard from CMT, yet has anyone besides the Knytes tried to buy the rights and liabrary of that show and start it on another network, like oh I don't know, Laff TV or Antenna TV? Trust me, Southern Steele Media is working on it. To put it on HazzardAyre TV when we go nationwide in July of this year. But has anybody else done it. Which takes me back, to the subject of looking back to yesteryear. The Dukes were absolutely simplistic, a cell phone was a CB radio, people got along and as the story line goes, it took until the second reunion movie for the first email to be sent from:  Hazzard County. 
Computers were the last thing we as an organization and my parent' company didn't get a computer in the company until 1994. To us and what my Mom used to say; a computer is as smart as the person who enters the information into it. Okay sending Email, is better than killing forests to make paper, to write letters and such, but dig this, if you want to get peoples attention especially politicians, write a real pen to paper letter and send it snail mail. Its more personal that way. Another lesson here and example. A few months ago I signed up with Verizon's automatic bill pay, where the money to my cell phone money was taken out of my checking account. But Both Decembers and this months, bill wasn't. Their system, couldn't connect, hey its Monday a holiday after the New Years, but now I have to get in my hot rod, go down to the office and pay the bill. It ain't no biggy, since I'd rather do that and know that I have a piece of paper and all that says I paid the damn bill. 
Computers may be the new age way to shake and bake, but I'd rather deal with the real brick and mortar handshake. 


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