Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Did it seem like I abandoned ya'll last night? Don't blame me it was weather and cable company.

Did it seem to some of ya'll that I abandoned ya'll last night? Well don't blame me, it was a combination of a big snow storm, along with our local cable company, it was doing some freaky shit. But seems to be okay this morning. Perhaps one of these days Evanston's AllWest Communications will decide to run fiber optic cable and update its server for better Internet bandwidth. Speed is great , but there's only so much you can flow through a very small pipeline, and ours is getting smaller. Okay then.
Watched a bunch of TV which begs the question of if the cable TV works good, how come the Internet is so messed up? At any rate, ( I know 41/2%) wanted to watch Velocity channel last night but hey picture was good, but no sound. Wuz up with that? Funny all the other channels work good, but the ones I like seem to be degrading. Of Course I called AllWest, got some call taker in lala land someplace who just said they'd have to escalate the problem to higher ups. There's only two reasons, I stay with AllWest, 1: AllWest is the best we have here for what I do online, and TV isn't bad either. 2: Mindy Broadhead, the area manager here who works with us, even when the account is a bit late. If it wasn't for those two things, I'd give the boot to AllWest in a Hazzard County second. So watched LaffTV until it signed off at 1:00AM. Then turned on to the Disney Channel since that's about the only two networks anymore that have any kind of decent programming. Albeit reruns. Of course you also get to watch that one episode that somehow you missed during the first run. The show Jessie, starring Debby Ryan, is so clever and well written that like many of Disney's shows has fallen to the network axe, way sooner than they should have. Just like Girl Meets World, Shake it Up, Wizards of Waverly Place, and even though recharged , I'm waiting for Liv and Maddie to bite the sand, very soon. Speaking of TV.
Our Texas Sister, has very little fondness for TV. However in today's era, just like the song said Video killed the radio star. If you are looking to give a kick to your website and your product or service getting a TV ad made and airing it in the right places can gain you attention and results of sales faster than you can imagine. Its been said, that seeing is believing and that is accurate. Sure you can draw yourself attention, on Facebook and the like, but tieing that together with a great TV ad, sets you and your product soar and gives cred, to you and what your pitching. That's one of the reasons I had our Texas Sister, send me a pillow or two and maybe a few more products, that I can shoot video on, and get into the eyes, ears and readers all at the same time. This will also help the cause. Now just need to find a hot mama to pitch the project with. 
With the snow, overnight here, I know its going to be steady toews, this morning, so I'm headed to bed, and catch some zz's. 

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