Thursday, September 15, 2016

This is a Test, A test of the Wolf Broadcasting System

This is a test, only a test of The Wolf Broadcasting System. Not everytime that I want to go on air here lately, have I been able too. Computer had a fit just after the last big lightning strike here in ETown. The big Daddy through a jolt that hit our tower , then the STL, then back to the studio, right through to my old Betsy. While I can nearly see that the writing is on the wall requiring me to buy yet another NEW computer which I planned to anyway, just thought I could put that off a few more months. But like a blown wheel cylinder and brake shoes along with wiper blades, you can only put it off until the whatever fails, then replace it. Most times I'd rather be proactive rather than reactive. 
Okay then during the time I needed to do a cyber bandit diagnostic looked on my FB page and saw dear Andrea chiming in needing a roof over thy head. Who does she come to? Yep ye old Wolf. Says she lost her synthetic socks(nylons) and all, now needs this old high octane canines help. Trouble is I do not have any extra, might have, had the brake system on ye ole General not gone out, and the Computer about to bite the dust, but there is very little room to wiggle money wise. However the question becomes why me? As well as should I? Think, has Andrea, taken my physical needs in hand or otherwise? Has she did any pavement pounding to scare up ad sales? Has there been any bedroom consultations ? And just because I was nice once, I'm just supposed to jump up and say, hey come tease me some more, but nothing more? Naw ain't into that. Kinda like Hilary Clinton, you can tease me once or even twice, but leave me and keep asking ain't going to make me just jump up. Sure she has no real transportation, but a TAXI, or even finding me down at walmart or say Smiths? Cell phone always works.
Hopefully we can get a show out to you later this evening.

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