Wednesday, May 18, 2016

They cut their noses off to spite their faces, but this time they cut their throats and bled.

They cut their noses off to spite their faces again, but a few of the more well to do, cut a bit more, they cut their throats and will bleed. What I'm sayin here is this, I saw this ad for a local Beerfest thing here in Evanston, that looked cool to go to. If it was this one ad I'd most likely would have just shook it aside, but then I saw an ad for some gig for the arts here. On Cozy TV which is part of KSL-5 TV of Salt Lake City. In Utah. The ad money they are spending there, at near $400.00 plus per ad air, is going into the pocket of Utahrds, not us in Wyoming, nor Evanston. Between the two ads running on schedule or ROS, is sucking $800.00 per aired ad. Yet the locals can't even pony up $100.00 for us here at HazzardAyre Radio to run? This is not swallowed easily, by myself and Knytes/AyreWolvez officers. If they can't spend money with us, maybe we don't need to spend money with us. This might not seem like much to them, because all they see is me on a daily basis. But thing is piss off one Club member , you just pissed off 49,999 other members, plus their wives, girlfriends, parents, grandparents , both extended as well as close family members. Of that 49,999 there is 500 just here in western Wyoming. That's 500 people as well as family members that wont go to this event nor spend money in Evanston. 
It's like , sure the Club could have went to Utah as well, to have someone build our website and the sub site for the radio station, but no, we chose to have someone local do it. Keep the money here in Evanston. Although haven't gotten a call back or that email for the bid on the site yet, but I think having local people serving local people is much better than farming it out to someone else out of state. It's like the Reaper Club/Boars Nest, sure we could buy the place in Morgan, Utah ; relicense there and probably even make more money. Yet we elected to buy a bar here to build Western Wyoming's version of our gearhead biker themed bar and grill. However if the arrogance and ignoring the club attitude keeps up, the attitude of the Club, might change too. I've even requested our Club President Rick, to start looking for a place in Hazzard Idaho for me if things continue to keep turning sour here in Evanston. But here's another concept. When you cross the border from Utah into Idaho, you don't start seeing TV from Utah. There's the TV stations from Idaho, on the TV, simply because you are then in Idaho. About a month maybe two of relocating here to Wyoming, one of the biggest hurling mistakes I have made in my life, I saw a small thing in both the Utah newspapers and one from here. The small article, mentioned a movement, by some in Utah, for the state of Utah, annexing Evanston into Utah, the article stated the reasons, that the electric company, natural gas company, cable/Internet , and all of Utah's TV stations are here in Evanston. While it may say Wyoming, it still stinks Utah. So the idea of Utah annexing Evanston and Wyoming moving its border up to Fort Bridger, was a thought and in many ways it makes sense. But here's the thing the small newspaper story said there would be a hearing to form a committee to do this thing, plus take public comment. Total amount of people that showed up from the community? 2. Me being one of the 2. Where was the Wyoming news? You don't see it on local TV, or a Wyoming channel on the Utah based cable tv provider. The satellite systems, like both Dish and Directv, has us as part of Utah. Where is the Wyoming input? 
One of the main things our radio and eventually TV station set to go on open air here, is to give the Wyoming news, NOT UTAH's. Because I hate to tell ya'll , THIS IS WYOMING NOT UTAH !!!! The Club is fighting to keep Evanston in Wyoming, yet as hard as we fight, as hard as we work, what we get is fought , held at bay, and told, go home. While myself , I'm not of this view, the Club is saying, fine; let em drown, in their own conceit and just get swallowed up by Utah. When that happens watch all the state and Federal aid, which 70% of the population is on here In Evanston. No more cash assistance on your EBT card, watch stricter compliance and application standards enter in, but hey if you want to keep pushing the Knytes out fine we'll go. Let you just burn in your own clannish attitudes.

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