Saturday, May 7, 2016

When is it that its the end or we're over enough, and taking the weekend off

When does an XYL get the message, its over, adios go away will never happen, and wont happen ever get into someone's head? More over how do you make the point? Dig this friends, Good ole Shelly, is still trying to churn it up for the OLD Wolf here. I'm not interested in her, in fact , I'm not in a big hurry to settle down with any woman right now, although there are a few I might change my mind on that for, like Andrea, and one I met last night at the local Chamber's dinner for retiring Chamber Director. All day its been text, text, and text from Shelly, that finally to catch some sleep had to turn off my cell phone off for. Thank goodness I have TWO landline phones. No tow calls lost, but hey can't text over those. But Shelly kept on texting. I thought Shelly, had met some trucker guy and was getting hitched and that was a dust in the wind. Thing is, I think he too, got tired of her bs, and said adios to as well, so she comes charging after me. He snagged her, got his jollies and said no more for me. What does she see in me? For that matter what does Shelly think she's going to get out of me. If its money, she is looking up the wrong tree. Sure the club is buying property here in Evanston, like there's no morning, Thanks to Pam for helping us there, but as for me, I turn wrench's and drive a tow truck. Sure I'm on radio but that's a gift from the club, I don't make a red cent out of that, nor anything I do for the club. My reward is satisfaction of and for the club, its my duty to them, but there's no money being made by me for that duty. Sure mid year last year, I attained the status of club charter Vice President, but national President of the club still is the Ace, not me. I'm a mere rung on the ladder of officers of the club. The official Executive Director of the Knytes is Tommy Pistone of Tommy's Towing of West Valley Utah. I supervise and advise him, but he does the lifting in Utah, but I still carry out most of the important tasks here in our charter. But I'm getting off topic here. 
I'm not now, nor will I ever be involved with Shelly Nesbit, of Florida, ever. There's too much of a gap between personalities and all for that to ever work. I just don't want that. I like where I'm at right now on my company and in my personal life. There's not much if any room for a he and she relationship. But does one have to change phone numbers, or for that matter file charges for stalking to get a former live in, to just leave you alone? You'd have thought that me giving her the boot, and making her fend for herself would be message alone, but no it keeps coming, and finding ways to keep pestering. I'm fighting for my life here, and to get my stuff in order. Pam turned me on to a program that can help me buy , not just rent, but buy a house. My house. A Wolf's Lair that I can own. Make my own, and furnish and decorate myself. My shop, I might be able to buy, if not find one I can, so it'll always be mine. I like , even though it has its quirks, I'm partly settled, to where, I'm looking at finally transfering my Idaho DL, to Wyoming, putting Wyoming plates on all my trucks, and calling Evanston my home. Yet I keep getting hammered by Shelly. On her, next week , I'm consulting the club's attorney as to what legal steps I can take to keep her from bothering me any more. Shelly says she's going to pay me back all I spent on her. Really , she has no money. But , I am keeping all her texts and FB postings, in a legal file and forwarding all of them to the attorney, he says he can have her locked up for stalking. Guess its the price to be paid for being a celebrity, but dang, when is go away we're over, just that and when is Shelly going to realize that? 
Any mile, taking the weekend off, rejuvinating, here. Watching TV, tinkering on LexiBelle, eating and yes sleeping.
Be back on the air Monday morning.

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