Monday, March 7, 2016

Women are strange creatures, no other species has the female gender so goofy as that of the human female

First here , before I get into my rant here, did Google or parts of it take a serious shit today and thus not be working right. I've been experiencing all kinds of misques and malfunctions. 
Okay then, here's the situation, how could anyone male or female not living in a cave or third world nation, not have watched Son's of Anarchy? I mean sure there might be some serious stuff shirts out there that missed it, but for what 7 seasons, the number one series on TV, which should have ran at least 3 more seasons, but every one saw SOA. How could you miss it? Even terminology that some of the symbolism has crept into our modern culture, if you want to bring up or direct someone's attention, just say I'm doing this the way SOA or SAMCRO does it and they get your meaning. Then there are habits women do that us male corpuscles would never think of, like and this one I can't figure since spraying on the outside of your pants don't do nothing, the stench is still there under her underwear, but spraying skunk piss on you after going to pee. Guys the only thing we worry about is are we zipped? Then of course there is the moodieness, women get so emotional over everything. Guys don't think of it or analyse everything like women do, its like if guys are talking, and someone dies we don't super examine it, we just say too bad and move on, its women will sit around and ask, well what was wrong, with him, did he suffer? What will happen to his wife? and so on. Guys its bad but can't do anything, so pop a top on a Bud, and that be it. 
Now before I close the door. While Dave an I were breaking bread this morning over at Jody's, in came the Mexicali chick, wearing the tightest, pants that if she farted , would rip , and I couldn't help but look, and think, what would happen if you unpacked that? Would bulges of blubber bubble out? Or is she really that put together? Now if its two guys looking its over and done with just a look and a "will you look at that?" If your lady is with you, just look once and its , You Like that?" or Does she look prettier than me?" plus questions you do not want to say nothing because anything you say now will be held against you at another slight fuss fest. It's like too, guys will go to the crapper, and never think about closing the door or making sure we're clean after , but women will do everything possible to make sure you have no idea what they did in there, including locking the door. 
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