Sunday, March 6, 2016

SheWolf having cold feet, should have expected that, she's even spooked to fly

It's finally Sunday morning, SheWolf was supposed to be here by now, but complications involving Greyhound and a disfunctional driver of theirs means yet another delay. My lady said a driver even stopped to allow some passenger to buy cannibus. Really? Besides the ethics involved, allowing a passenger to buy narcotics and then get on the bus is transporting illicit narcotics, and crossing state lines make it a felony. More over a Federal felony. 
Then I had a slight exchange between SheWolf and I online, I'm getting the feeling that while I'm sure she's into what is to be a us, she's having cold feet, as the reality becomes all too real, that she will be with one man, that she hardly knows, in a land that she also doesn't know. A land far and away from anything she's ever experienced. From a population of near 60,000 or so to a place of 15,000 that has only one McDonalds and not much more. Then there is the income situation, everybody or most who are not involved in one way or another in film and or TV or at least media thinks that those background scene props are all real. Most are, but they are owned by the studio, or at least one of the stars in the feature, someone else like me just cares for the place, but using it is a chain of command request, that is not always honored. Example the sweet cabin from the TV series Airwolf. That cabin sits just north of here overlooking Bear Lake. Thing is, this time of year its hell getting in by vehicle and even simple things like electricity is closely monitored. Even with that, I'm not losing my job of caretaker of property and the friendship of the studio, just yet to someone I don't know well. The smart thing here is what is online is not always what is. My income is limited to what I make flying and towing with Social Security and military pension thrown in. Its only if I sell a script to a production company that I make money, and selling a script is a real tough sell. Then there's a sad fact that SheWolf is scared to fly. How can one be a fan of a show, that is based on aviation being scared to get her license and get into the air. Even to the fact she doesn't even have a drivers license? How can that be? Heck I was driving at age 9 on the farm and on public highways at age 14(Idaho has daytime driving at age 14). What I'm praying hard here for is one the lady is for real and into me, and that I didn't just burn $250.00 for nothing or very little gain or yield. While I'll never say I'm Superman I'm pretty close, and it'll be her loss if she misses this. Stay tuned.
Was all for going on air, but it seems that the uplink for our satellite is screwed, and that my upload speed to Livestream from AllWest is a bit slower than usual. So until that all is fixed its here on the RodeWolf Gazzette that you get the news and views. I also noticed something else, usually I get a phone call when something is posted on the blog as well as in my Google account mail page. Over the last two that hasn't happened , nor a repost of the blog here in my Gmail. Could the mighty Google be having issues with me? Or just issues all over? 
Any mile, have Church in the AM so I'm headed to bed.

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