Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's a bad moon rising

You know your day is headed into the toilet when you first wake up and your computer needs a reboot just to get on line. Then you need to do a field level 4 diagnostic scan to find the little varmint that's clogging up the works. But hey it gets better, got up and while I love my lady completely, I was set back cuzz friends, she stunk. I mean pee ewe. I couldn't determine if it was pussy stink, underarm odor or butt, thing is whew. I had to get in my little corner and try to ignore the stench. Yes friends it was that bad. I always am reminded of that old adage of , girls and women are made up of sugar and spice and everything nice, but if that shit house poet was in my house this morning , his nose would have curled and he'd have to hurl. Of course there are those women you see on TV that always look so fine no matter the scene. Most of that make up is tattooed on, but I wonder when they in real life wake up, do they too stink? Don't get me wrong I love my lady to death, but there's some lessons on personal hygene that needs to be looked after here.
I grew out of a family that mandated at least two maybe three showers or baths a day. Cleaning every part of my anatomy. Getting rid of smagma and all. In case your not hip to that, smagma is the dried up ejactulation that occurs, and the same is for women as well as men. The ejactulate from all too many self induced orgasms and us men who cum at the slightest thoughts of sexual contact and stimulation. Then there's ass crack clean, during the day men are not the best at wiping ass. Hence the concept of skid stains. So one needs at least a good soaking. A shower just does not count. Here lately the bath tub area has been taken over by overhanging panties, and no cleaning of the tub after a shower. I am not faulting my Lady as she like I have been sick as can be with the coughing and gunk for about a week. But our bathroom looks like a battle scene out of the movie Combat. Its not the discharge of female excretions from mother nature. I remember the first time I was in contact with that. It was in mid 1984, after I had moved to Boise from Hazzard Idaho. There was this sexy intern, who had sought refuge at my Wolf's Den there, who was on the rag. She one day had no clean undies, and we had to go to the store. So she sat on this towel. Not being raised up with sisters or females in our home, I had never really seen this fluid before. So I dipped my finger in the fluid, and smelled it, in truth the fluid itself did not smell bad. So if you ask what about all the coin fed seatcovers I have been with, fact is I never had the thoughts of Mother natures revenge . Most all covered their vaginas in pantyhose and such to where only a finger and or tounge as well as Herman could explore. So I never came in contact as far as I knew with the fluids. None of my former wives nor those that were just bidding to be a SheWolf wife, never exhibited the discharge that I had ever seen any way, so I'm not accustomed to seeing the nasty's. I guess the adage of turn em all upside down at a race track and they look the same is not completely accurate, While they all might look the same, their bodies behave differently.
Livestream was down for two days so we could go online with HazzardAyre Radio, overnight, that in itself is being examined as well as locating a in town location to erect a studio office. As SheWolf needs to sleep at night and the next door neighbors need quiet and sleep too.
Just waiting for the main computer to finish its level 4 diagnostic. 

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