Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Move out, move in Day the divorce is near final.

As I sat on the tarmac awaiting final clearance to take off to fly back here to Evanston, and all that is on the horizon, I thought of the last 6 months. The renting of the first shop, the problems with two partners, who loved to suck off my rear teat, which is what made me reluctant to part with money with Rick, the power bill that I went hungry to pay that I thought Amber, Nathans wife was paying but didn't, most of that I stomached. But then came moving in Rick. I thought we had a bond and a brotherhood of and from the highway and enough of that to make a shop together work. The first step out of the box was Rick, doing up glossy pictures and putting his company name on it, which put me in the mode, okay you want it you got it. If Rick had put on the pics, something like associated with Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing, I most likely would have been more apt, in paying my part, there were lots of excuses and too much , that once I pulled the majority of my part and the MC withdrew their support, power was cut off, business became none existent and so here it is March 1st, Rick is broke, but hey its his baby now. Outside of three rigs, and some minor stuff in one office to haul to the new shop, the disaster at 10 Riverside Loop in Evanston Wyoming is over. My focus now is 70% towing service, 10% MC shop, 10% radio station for the club, and the rest of my time in the air for all things AyreWolf. I'm going to have a wife now as well as a live in business partner , eventually offspring, yes my own wolf pups. And outside of Rick, who I still love as a dear friend and all, the rest of these damn losers can kiss my tail rotor. In time the club will adopt SheWolf, as my mate and a Lady of the Knytes, but the rest of this dillusional, idiotic, arrogant, ignorant bunch will be history and I'm keeping them off the door. So I had to divorce Rick as a business partner since he has no desire to go with the other shop. and as such I'm doing it again on my own, on my own dime, my way. 
Much to do today, so gotta hit the hay, see ya'll this afternoon on www.livestream.com/ayrewolffm 
L8R Aviators

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