Monday, March 7, 2016

SheWolf under a magnifying Glass

SheWolf got in at near 11:30 noon yesterday, she had said noon, and as the Ward was getting into Testimony meeting, came the call. So up to the Taco Time Bus depot I went. Loaded her gear and back to church. After sorting through three bags to find something suitable in we went. As I came into services with her in tow the entire congregation attention went from whoever was speaking , to her. Everyone there was interested in just who snared the Wolf. So after got Dave's wife to watch over SheWolf, and off to manly discussions with Dave/Vern on radio matters. You could have heard a pin drop in there. Everyone was interested in SheWolf. One could not have been more of a spotlighted deer if they tried. After we both went and took inventory of the two shops we came home, turned on Airwolf for her, but her attention was on that texting dang phone. I stretched out on the mini couch for a short, couldn't get comfortable, but I thought a quick nap and we could go fetch grub at Jody's. Nope I went out and did not feel the aspirations of being awake until 23;45 hours, so grabbed a donut and am now contemplating heading back to bed until early 07:00.
The next chapter of the HazzardAyre saga is now ready to be written , stay tuned.

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