Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The end of one Chapter opens the door to another. 
In mid May of 2015 , through some gab with a friend of my complex manager I rented a shop with the understanding that he would partner with me in the shop. However after I had already signed the contract, Delbert decided he wasn't interested. For a month I tried everything I could to hold onto the shop, but just couldn't afford it. I was about to get out of it when another cat decided he would partner up. That took care of July, and thinking all was in good, began to gather some business. However that August he bagged the operation. In came another, after two months of declining sales, no business and all he left , then came in Rick. This I thought was solid, all was going good until November. Instead of paying rent, with the money generated through Highway Hooker Toewing, Rick decides we are going to Twin Falls Idaho to fetch LexiBelle. We did, but no action on that with LexiBelle needing work to get operational sitting for near 2 years, we blew off a promising towing season. No rent , utility bills past due, Rick and I decided to part ways. Leaving me with the expense and worries. 
$900.00 a month for that shop , is just too expensive. I don't bring in enough to make that happen. The MC declined support in mid October 2015, so I found a smaller shop to store two of my rigs, and now am in the process of relocating to Twin Falls Idaho. There is no way anyone except those that deal on the black market to make any kind of real money here in Evansgone any more. 
With me having a sweet heart now and about to be married, and with the business climate of Evansgone so bad , I have to go where the money is.
Radio station is still a go, once that's running, I'll turn that over to a friend here to manage, but I need to be making an income. So that's life here.

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