Friday, March 18, 2016

Goody's one of the best reliefs for maniac women.

I have come to know Goody's Headache powders even more. They do relieve the headache of maniac women. There is this condition here at the Wolf's Lair, that my Lady SheWolf is jealous of the hot women with the perfect bodies. Is there a perfect body of the human female? After all no matter how much plastic surgery, makup, and covering clothes, women still have smells, and don't always have the most pleasant odors. Even the super hotties still shit and stink, the perfect models still wake up with bad breath, vagina odors, and oh yes the bitchy attitude when the invasion of Mother Nature occurs. Then there comes the male corpuscles. Us men are crude, rude and direct  we are not the cleanest animal on the planet, we only require, the smallest amount of things, food on the table when we get home, a clean house and our animal needs met on a timely and regular basis. Men do not want to hear the gossip of the neighborhood or the junk they read on Facebook, Twitter or social media. We don't need to be treated like the goofball they saw cutting the throat of some stupid bitch on LMN or LifeTime movie channels. Nor do we like being compared to the hunky junks on TV or film either. My Lady is all kinds of tweaked on the fact that I look at scads of women all day , in my defense its to find acctress's and such for our TV and film projects, and ads. By contrast however until just a few days ago, all I heard for a week was oh Jan Vincent was so great, so sexy, so dreamy. What did that make me feel like? The male ego is more fragile than crystal glass. Being compared to the young fellers with their perfect bodies, hurts. Us in real life, can never or fewer still can measure up to that, but if she does it, its okay, If I do it its oh, I'm going to go kill myself. Excuse me. REAL men bust our knuckles all day , getting greasy, bruising our bodies, and yes sweating to provide for our women and families. While some men , the geeky kinds venture off to offices and use their brains rather than muscles, but they still are working. Some like I have the luxury of being able to work from home, say writing, and producing radio and or TV/films , but its still work. Hey and I've said this before to her , here and to many of you, I sure as hell do not have the perfect body. If I did, I could be in front of the camera instead of being behind it, and earning a helluva lot more money. While I'm not lacking any kind of self demiciating, low amount of self confidence, still if I had the perfect body, it'd be me out with the likes of April Scott
Instead , I'm living in western Wyoming, doing a day job turning a wrench , going towing and flying, at night serving my MC doing radio, and producing ads and films etc . All men want is a TV, a beer, and allowed to be a man. The adage of being pussy whipped is bogus, in any case thank goodness for Goody's headache powders.
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