Sunday, February 5, 2017

I'm not going to be as social as I used to be, and have determined that Facebook advertising is a waste of money

Over the last 4 days I did an experiment. I tried the Boost and ad options on Facebook with no real tangible results. I spent just over $60.00 and got not even one snarl, or email, nor phone call. As a result, what our company and the Knytes conquer , is that Facebook is not of our demographic in that we're way too far out of the box, to wyld, and way too old for Facebook. Likewise during the time we are taking both Zuckerburg's tech company and a few misguided people to Federal court over defamation of Character I nor the Knytes will not be as social on Facebook. It's just that worth it. I'm tired of seeing the disrespect of people that think its a hoot to put make bikinis out of our flag of Dixie, I'm tired of all the drama, intellectual property theft and so on. The pain and agony of trying to do damage control, over topics of which many comment with no real knowledge is to the point of who the fuck,(sorry for the F-Bum there Bishop) cares? The Knytes' current President, doesn't even have a Facebook profile, or listing nor does the one coming into power in late July. I can spend my advertising money elsewhere online as well as traditional TV/Radio and get better results. I am also advising the Knyte' not to spend money on Facebook as well. In the lane , both our listings on Google Business as well as Yelp, which are free, I get tow calls, and I get some form of a return on investment. 
What your going to see over the next week or so, is the death of many of our Facebook groups as I download photos to thumb drives, and deactivate those pages and groups. 
I'll still be on Facebook, but only in the shadows, there's a great thing out here, its called life, and life isn't on Facebook. 

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