Friday, February 3, 2017

A teaspoon of Sugar makes the medicine go down, supposedly a cup of sugar makes you blackout

There's an old tune from the movie Mary Poppins that says just a teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down. First question what medicine was Julie Andrews giving those kids? And two; A teaspoon is good, a cup(or bottle of it ) makes you completely pass out. Especially drinking several bottles of it, like I do, every day. My suspucions are there was something in the mini steak dinner I ate at the Legal Tender cafe here. Add to that the place's big screen TV's don't work, I'm thinking this place might be up on the sale block in the not too distant future. 
Okay then, got online and at first after I had the dick waving contest from some idiot named John, saw a notice from Facebook, that said ad was rejected. reason? Confederate flag was deemed offensive. Really, I hate to explain to some that what we call the Confederate flag is really the cross of Saint Andrew and is the flag of Scotland, 
 so displaying this 
 is not a show of hate or descrimination , but a flag of honor and courage. Ya'll see from the time that anything but honest Abe, school history classes have yet to discuss or teach the truth of the war between the states, or as we call it the war of Northern aggression. That entire war was over states rights and tariffs as well as taxation, it had nothing really to do with slavery. Yet we have many people jumping down our ass's and up our throats, saying those who really love this flag 
 So if Facebook that is ran and owned by a little Jap loving communist, wants to ban my ads , okay by me, just saves me money. 
Went down for lunch with little Rick, today, good meal, bowl of soup and a cold ham sandwich. Hey when their serving Clam Chowder I'm in. Dark Horse looks a bit strange without her sinister grill and blacked out headlights. New hood , new fenders, she still looks good. I've told Rick, that truck is sweet as can be. Just about as equal to my LexiBelle. To me LexiBelle, is the absolute most beautiful thing on Earth, next to God, and the Marines, LexiBelle is my priority. Everything else is an option. Any mile gotta hit the store, catch me tonight on for HazzardAyre Radio.
Later ya'll need to haul to Walmart, need feed.

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