Saturday, February 4, 2017

People admire intelligence until you point out your smarter than they are

There are people that understand this and many who will be very confused. On an episode of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Coopers mother points out that its okay to let people admire your intelligence, just don't point it out, because it pisses em off. In Star Trek circles; there's a doctrine of the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive simply put means not to attempt to interfere or educate populations inferior or not able to grasp even the most simplest of concepts or education. Example; My Dear SheWolf, with no blame of her own has been rather sheltered and protected most of her life. I'd like to akin this to being in a cave on some remote mountain side in some 4th world nation. To whit; We were chatting on the illustrious Facebook, and I was talking about Father Time. Now most people know what that means, and I tried to explain that to her even on the very basic level. Yet she just could not grasp it. 
This reduction of even the most basic of mental reasoning, seems to be even epidemic. Seems that our population in this nation, from grade school, to the late 30 somethings to the mid 40 somethings are just flat getting even more stupid. Many can't read, few can spell, the rest lack historical or even old fashioned grey haired knowledge. Now I'm not going to say I'm a blooming brainiac , but I decided years ago, that since I was never going to be a athlete might as well tune up that muscle between my ears. And I have, I do something few do any more. I open that thing called a book and I read. While some news or trade headlines I glean from the web, still there's nothing like holding a real paper filled hard bound book. Your mind can escape, and you really can go beyond the present dimension. You also can learn. I also do much of my intellectual input from going to places like Malls etc, and observing people. Writing down what I see and carving out my thoughts on the days research. On such things a Confederate history , I pick up a paper version of the Copperhead Chronicles. Written by Al Benson, is a very good read. Call him the Tomi Laren of Confederate History. No hidden anything and straight to the truth. Of course my early upbringing was by many standards very blessed as were my parents. One on the basis of the fact that from the time they said I do they did right up until their deaths. As such they worked hard, made good money and from being the sole beneficiary I was able to explore anything and everything my heart desired. Not saying any of our family was lazy, we worked hard on the farm. Up at 5:00 to milk cows, school all dang day, home just in time to milk cows again, feed the rest of the stock including our horses, in bed by 11 after the news, then back up again. Spring, Summer and fall, it was hay season, and harvesting peppermint . There were just things you learned on the farm, that most kids today have no idea of. My parents also taught lessons. One is if you can't afford to pay cash for it, forget it, never do credit. Second if there was a piece of equipment that broke on our farm my dad fixed it himself. Never calling for the farm equipment dealer. If Dad needed a thing on the farm, he didn't just go out and buy it , he dug out his torch, some steel, and his arc welder and made the whatever it was. 
Thing is no matter who it is, we can always teach others, so long as they are willing to be taught. 
See Ya'll

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