Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don't cuss out or make fun of beginners we all were rookies once.

There's another thing that I must hit up a few of the jerks on Facebook about. Every once in awhile I see some guy, mostly guys, who are trying to do a FIY project asking a simple question of some of the more seasoned wrenches on some of the automotive based groups and pages. You might get one or two good answers , then some jerk starts poking fun or condemning the guy asking the question. So let me share this with you, and one of the reasons I'm forever obligated to Charlie and Jared at A1 in Twin Falls. 
It all happened one day when through one of our Knytes members got me a part time gig at A1, well it started as a part time gig. I had never ever used, or worked a rollback in my life. Never used skates, never jerked a car off the bed, none of that. But one early morning Charlie was cleaning out his yard, told me to grab this older rollback with a International, with a Superior bed on it. Charlie without a blink, said here's the job, there's the truck, key is in the ignition. The truck had a bad clutch but I made it work, but I learned. My prior experience was with old style mechanical trucks like LexiBelle, not a flat bed. After that I was part of the A1 family and still am, that's why there is the A1 in Cooter's A1 Toewing. I was with that rollback a very none experienced rookie. But I learned, and the reason I learned was I had a mentor in Charlie who is the same age as I am. Oh and the answer to the question of, why am I in Wyoming and still not in Twin Falls? Owe that up to a few snobbish ladies in Twin Falls, as well as the duty to the Knytes to put the pieces together for HazzardAyre Radio. If it hadn't been for that, I'd still be in Twin Falls and living much better than I am now.
There's an old song by Alan Jackson called Itty Bitty, that applies here. Everything starts itty bitty, everybody has to have a start. Instead of being antagonistic towards newcomers try being of some help and a mentor. That don't know it all, but willing to learn new person, just might be your best wrench and tow truck driver.
Now to Martin and his clan. I can't go into too much detail since this is going to attorneys, but there have been two jerks from some group on Facebook, called Wrecker, that had the nuts to cuss out my SheWolf as well as call her some really bad things and very mean comments, only because she got on that group, to ask a few simple questions and announce our upcoming wedding plans. Instead of the group saying congrats, it was filthy mouth city. Then the same jerks started going after my credibility. Which hurt my company and reduced my call volume . So talked to two of our Knytes who are also Defense Attorney's who looked it over, and said lets file suits. On both the jerks as well as Facebook for allowing the fuss to continue. I also noticed, Martin jumped ship and decided to unfriend me. A spy from the other group? Think so. Like my Pa told me as a Wolf-pup, give em enough rope, and they'll hang themselves. 
That's all on that.
Next time someone that is just asking you a fix it question on Facebook, don't just give em sass, give em the advice they're looking for. That new person might just be your next hire. And your next best wrench.

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