Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And why not show your face on Facebook or other social sites?

Now this entry to my blog publication might be placed in the category of , You might have to have a vagina to understand. Or perhaps the difference between the introverted and the extroverted , be that as it may. I recently gained the follower on our radio show and on my fb friends listing of a gal, from Louisiana. When I asked why she doesn't post a photo of herself on her fb ID, she just said that she doesn't put her photo, on social media networks. Now to me I'm not spooked of some mad person no matter the gender coming to my door, and growling at me, or my safety. Yet it seems that too many just use a moniker , on these social pages and just place an object or go by a moniker that is not really them. Now my Mom used to tell me if I asked , " Does this shirt look dirty?" She would reply, "If you think its dirty, then it's dirty, take it off and get another one." She also used to say that if your trying to hide from something by not showing your face, or do whatever it is your doing in the dark , do you feel uneasy doing it, that you'd rather not be seen doing it, if so, your fixing to mess up. The Knytes/WolfPack have taken that to heart. We are as transparent as can be, and never hide or do things that are not for prime time viewing. Its called honor and integrity, bottom line we don't hide, and I WILL put my photo up on facebook, and several places even my phone number , why hide?
Okay then another piece of honor preservation.
Even my Bishop, called into question my military Marine service. Well friends here's my patch and MY WINGS, being proud to be both a Marine and a member of the finest combat air squadron ever to fly, The VMA214 BlackSheep.
Any more questions?
See you on the radio, its time for my nap.

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