Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Did you see this? And A1C level kicking my ass

You might have scanned this if you were trolling your Facebook, newsfeed. Tomi Lahren is really pressing to stay in the publics eyes and minds. Seems as many of the Trump supporters, and those that trashed Hilary Clinton, are finding out that Clinton, might not have been as raunchy as President Trump has become. I am not bending either way since the only President that would please me right now is one that was nominated and ran as a candidate of the Confederate States Party, yes we need some southern spice in the White House. I'm not one to sit around and say I told you so, but I did tell you so, that Trump would be the one that gets our nation into one big scrap somewhere to get our economy rolling again, in building products and equipment to support and supply a war effort. If you think I'm wrong you don't know or see what I am. Espionage seems to be the buzz words in our nations capitol, with those that are to upset that their support with Mr. Trump, might be a effort that brought us a real threat to our nations security. I'm also not going to quibble, over the President handing off some secret codes or information to some Russian, diplomat. But there is a condition there in DC, where some padding a nest, is happening, and all too many are quietly realizing they made a serious mistake, in supporting Trump, and yet on the surface giving President Trump high fives. Tomi, as well as our beloved BethAnn of CSC Talk Radio, are just licking a wound that wont heal until Trump is either impeached or resigns, or gets beaten at the next election. Friends this is serious and you need to make your preperations now for a nuclear disaster, or a total, rebellious civil war part two, that is just on the cusp from being engaged. 
When the statues and memorials of our Southern Generals, and President Jefferson Davis are being removed from the usual public eye and placed in a place that few will ever visit, the Yankees are just drawing the line in the Sands, to edge on a conflict. These are the things that such talk news hosts and all should be talking about. I agree with Tomi, in that too much attention by mainstream media is on all this junk of President Trump's foreign policies that find too much interaction between a few of the President's staff, as well as himself, instead of those things, that deal with the topics of putting food on the table paying rent, and generating jobs. Okay then; I'm still light headed with this sugar imbalance or fluctuation of my A1c levels. So our radio network is on a recorded basis, instead of the LIVE version. So if you glean an old ABC newscast on the station you now know why. This is one of the reason, we need LIVE in studio hosts here no matter the gender. Want a good job paying $30.00 an hour for on air host here at HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio, then get in touch.
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