Saturday, May 27, 2017

Even though I'm moving home to Hazzard next week, I am still at odds with that thing called the Dukes-of-Hazzard

Looking at Hazzard Idaho in the windshield and thanking God above for being able to view Evanston Wyoming in my rear view mirror is one of those things that has me quite twitterpaited and still feeling like I got ditched long before I ever got started. Looking at it all, after the first week or so of nearly freezing to death here in Evanston out in that crappy, mice ridden trailer, and all, had I known that the big fat woman and her guy pal who conned me into residing there had the money I gave them, smart move then would have been get the money back less two weeks, and went back to Utah. But a Knyte and a Marine have at least one thing in common, when we are deployed on a mission we see it through to conclusion, if there is a conclusion. But as Robert E, once said, A wise soldier knows the value of retreat, as well as victory. Sometimes its best to cut the cord and vacate. And that's what I'm doing beginning this week, come Thursday. Oh I'll be here in Evanston for the month finishing a few things, but Jon is close by to handle the sale of the radio station license, LexiBelle will be secure over at Ricks, but I don't have to be here any more. When I checked on the temp between Evanston and Hazzard, it is 57 here in Evanston, and nearly 70 in Hazzard, now where would you rather live? 
Okay then I saw that our friend Tracey Duke put up a thing of the Dukes on our media companies page SouthernSteele Media. If things were like they were during the series' hey day I wouldn't have any objection to that but over the years since about 2012-1/2 , those DOH feelings have rather cooled between myself as well as the Knytes, to anything Dukes. The entire basis of the Knytes was and is, to not be so much Dukes, and more Hazzard County. 
While I'll always be appreciative to Ben, John, Tom, Kathy, and all for attending my Mom's funeral in 1983, and supporting the club for quite a few years after, until Associate producer Skip Ward passed away, and a few others, those yearly Knytes contributions, salutes, or even the small gifts from the cast just have not been there. I remember after the 81 AutoRama in Utah, Where I finally got together with Kathy, and all, she would send me a yearly gift on my birthday and sometimes near Christmas, a pair of her rather scented nylons that she wore on the show, that we as a Club, would put in our radio studios. Or that treasured few mugs of shine from Uncle Jessie, I never thought that UPS had no idea they were running shine, as they hauled those fragile mason jar mugs in a wooden crate up here to Idaho. Then of course the people at the studio would send a yearly financial gift, for a few thousand bucks or so , just to say thanks for keeping the fire lit for the TV show, by being a off camera example and creating a fan base. Then there was the yearly phone call that I got near the yearly anniversary of my Mom's death, as well as the salute card from the show that said thanks for keeping the Hazzard County Garage fire lit. 
However in about 2001/2002, when Ben and Alma was firing up Cooter's Place, the first one, I made a phone call, Alma answered and it was agreed that she, Ben and I as well as the Knytes wouldn't compete against each other , but work together to keep what Hazzard County and all was and is alive. But then came the first stripping the General of his banner, that Alma got in touch with me and the Knytes as well as others to urge Warner Brothers to keep it on there. Not only did we write the letters, I and our Club President flew to California sat down with the powers that be and got a stay of execution of the removal of the General's flag. Did I get even or did the Club get even a thank you? Did we even get a phone call? Or mostly did we get any backing for HazzardAyre from Cooter's Place or for that matter any of the fans? Nope. When some guy decided to open another Hazzard County Garage, did Alma, Ben or anybody from the fan base say, " Hey you can't do that a treasured fan in Idaho has that name for his shop" nope but heard tell, Ben and Alma endorsed the other guy. Really? Look I'm going to defend and stand up for my Confederate southern heritage and ancestry until I'm gray in the face. However I'm not such a big butt kissing cousin of the old fabled show the Dukes-of-Hazzard as I once was. So please Tracey and all of you who might be tempted, don't put things Dukes related on our Club's Pages and groups on Facebook any more. When some of ya'll start contributing to the Knytes-of-Dixie then we'll examine a rekindle of the relationship. Until then thanks but we're the rest of Hazzard County, not just the Dukes.
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