Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fraud alert for all in our towing industry and forget my nap for a few

So there I am working on deets for Toew Jamb 2018 and get a text for a gig towing and storing high end cars for some outfit out of Texas. Thought my situation might change for the good real fast and so I sniffed a bit further. So called a few of our Toew Bro's Association members and many of them got this text as well. The phone number to watch for is: 325-400-4549 don't bother calling as its a text only number. Called Tow Times Magazine as well as our local Sheriffs office here in Uinta County. Found that this is indeed a fraud. I'm glad I didn't bite, since this could have been a real mellofahess if I had done so. So if you get it, forget it its a scam so don't make a deal there.
So with that, it killed my thoughts of a nap. 
Started looking for a new location for Hazzard County Choppers and all here, so it looks like the move groove is still on for back to Hazzard Idaho, just no places here to plant the seed. With that in mind starting Saturday we'll be off the air at least cyber air for about a month or so, until we get cable and what not installed and such. But we'll be on air full time come July 21st 2017.
Until we toew together this evening on Talking Toews 

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