Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Having A1c issues, so staying home and goofing off

Woke up today and got so darn dizzy you'dve thought that I had ingested two pounds of loco weed. Too bad it tain't since that might fix the problem . So crept to the store, got some Goody's Powders and some hygene products, a bag of razors and some other stuff, and came home. So sitting here resting.
Watched a movie on FX(must be ratings sweeps time) but the film is called Gone. Stars Ben Affleck. This was a film that just as you figured out the plot line, it switched on you. The film was released in 2014 and is one thriller. 
Okay that leads into the one subject I wanted to cover. Two film studios have gave a green light to the movie Rode-Wolf , the story of a one man towing service in the rural west. This film of ours, takes cues from the old TV series, 18 wheels of Justice, that featured a futeriffic Kenworth T 600 , in our case its a souped up tow truck with design cues of KITT, Airwolf, batmobile and StreetHawk all mixed together. Kind of a General Lee on steroids. Film will be shot in western Wyoming and Eastern Utah as well as southeastern Idaho./ Casting is under way, both women and some guy parts. Find out more by ratteling our phone 307-444-3014 okay?
We'll be on air overnight , but need to rest now, need my sugar levels to even out.

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