Friday, March 10, 2017

If you don't like the homeless, give them a home

If you don't like the homeless in your neighborhood, give them a home. I watched with some interest about some folks in the greater Salt Lake City Valley, wining about the proposed construction of facilities for the areas homeless population. The main things were dangers to children and the lowering of property values. Why? Because somebody got kicked out of their home because of some greedy landlord or property owner? People that become homeless don't become that way out of choice. Most become homeless due to economic hardship. Loss of a job, spouse, home even a child. To throw an entire population under the bus just because they have no roots does not make these people evil. This entire problem is simply due to money. Property owners want to cut a fat hog in the ass, by charging outrageous rates yet even in Utah and many areas the minimum wage, has yet to break the $20.00 an hour, so paying $800.00 a month or more for a 1 bedroom is way out of line. How about an expansion of low income and no income housing? Now granted some of the lower income population have masked their troubles with alcohol or narcotics, instead of getting all uppity why not get behind treatment programs. Now granted there may be an exception to this rule, but overall speaking, give these people a damn break. They are after all humans. I also know some of those stuck up prudes that are crying foul on these homeless facilities in Utah, also sniff a lot of nose candy, and consume cannibus , just as much if not more than those without a secure warm, well lit home. Then I was hearing something about a mom that's trying to divert attention from porn. Have you ever noticed? That the women that are against porn, are women you really wouldn't want to go to bed with in the first place? Now I'm not a big fan of smut, in my view why thirst after something you can't have? Sure its nice to look at but you know that common ordinary working men will never get the saucy babes on any porn film or website. If more of the better looking women, wouldn't get the Cinderella complex, and truly love a man like my Shelly does me, who needs to look at smut? 
Sure Porn stokes the desire to an inferno , however and I have said this for years, why not have state and community supported brothels? Guy goes in, pays to have his needs satisfied he walks out, no harm to anyone, including under age girls or worse. It may be a curse or a blessing, but Heavenly Father gave us males testosterone that keeps our fevers high 24/7/365. Just a certain amount of pressure on the right place and a man is ready to go ten rounds. The belief that a man can last hours with a stiffy, is a myth. Depending on the superficial enhancements of the woman, a usual every day guy can last if he's lucky 10 minutes. On average its usually 3 to 4 minutes then he needs to recharge. Even with me, I have only been able to get off 2 in one hour and that happened only once with a woman that was so tight, and knew how to do Kegal Excersizes that I was there inside her whether I wanted to be or not. To think about it I should have went with that one instead of Monkee. Any mile, most guys are able to go for no longer than about 10 and again on average 3 to 4 minutes. Then its about an hour or two for mother nature to recharge. 
But to stop Porn? That argument has been going on since the Cannans and queen Ashera . 
Much to do in the AM then its head to Pocatello for my Grand Daughters funeral. 
See you on air Sunday morning.

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