Friday, March 10, 2017

To those sending texts and comments using a SmartPhone, damn it learn how to spell

It's Friday morning, two and a half weeks until departure from Etown Wyoming. Some finishing up on LexiBelle, mostly wires and buttoning things up, getting LiL Wolf to Nate, LexiBelle out to Ricks, then me and General JaXson,(mis-spelled on purpose.) then come the 1st and just after my SheWolf sends out her money, I'm out of here headed to Idaho to get the relocation gig in motion. Looking forward to much warmer, and having much more things parts and such within my grasp, rather than having to order it all the time. This would be great if it was just to Salt Lake City, problem is if your in need you might as well go to Salt Lake get whatever it is your in need for and haul back, to Etown. Which means you have to waste a half day that could have been used to do a task. No wonder nobody in their right mind moves here. 
Okay then: If you open up your newsfeed from facebook, and look at comments from all too many, many of them can't spell or form up a sentence. It'd be easier most times if they just showed pictures kind of like the scratchings on the sides of caves of ancestors. Many people have been cheated out of serious book learning, the rest of the malady, comes from controlled chemical abuse, either after birth or while inside their mothers. However its not just the people who comment on facebook, its also serious journalists if there are any, anymore . Doesn't anybody proofread what they carve out anymore?
How about runs on sentences? And using paragraphs? It's like were they choking their chickens in English and creative writing classes? 
While I'm the first to admit there are times some words's construction is beyond my train of thought, still I have figured out how to work around using other words or combinations of words to get my thoughts out.
Magazines, newscopy from trade publications, many times I have to mentally add words to sentences to get the jest of what the writer has or had to say. 
These damn SmartPhones that help not so smart people write things the devices themselves are not too intelligent either. Sure there are those of us from southern culture that include such words as You'ns which is Ya'll plus three people. Or Yaunt-to?  As well as others, but many old timers and even I to a small extent remember when school was in one room. All grades crowded in, and ya'll got taught by one teacher. However my English teachings never came from, nor my reading ability never came from any teacher nor any school. Nope my reading teaching came from my Mom reading with, not to me before bed and a tiny magazine called Humpty Dumpty Magazine. By the time I was age 4 I could read a College level dictionary, tell you each word and what it meant. By 1st Grade I was tested to being quite a bit ahead of my peers as far as my reading and speaking abilities. 
I can remember as a kid, I think age 8 or so, I had to give a talk on something in Sacrament meeting, can't now remember what it was. Back then , you memorized the talk, not read it off a piece of paper. I can remember the Bishop of the 11th Layton Utah LDS Ward, telling me that I had to define each word, because I was using big words out of the comprehension of the youth and adults of that Ward. In truth the people there were too stupid to figure out what I was saying. 
Now too, we have my honey Shelly, who I love to death. Yet for some unknown reason, she can't spell very good. She will just use the letter -n- instead of and. I guess this comes from the early days of these blooming Cell phones where you got charged a heap for air time texting. So many started scrunching words together or making the phrases short. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for technology, I can see the latter part of my days where science will have figured out Warp Speed, and we begin testing the ideas of going to not only nearby planets but too galaxies. I'm even on the list of those that when the call comes to go to MARS, I'm there. Sure I wont be coming back any time soon if at all, but I'm ready to go.
That said; technology has eroded the minds of today as bad as any narcotic. Cell phones, SmartPhones, even total all out computers have made humans stupid. 
All I ask from anybody is this, if your going to write, ANYTHING, learn how to spell.

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