Monday, February 29, 2016

Should you pay with a debit card or even use a bank card? Whatever happened to taking out the money at the same time you make a purchase?

I'm still thinking that we are all trapped by the establishment, and the fact that piece of paper called paper money. Yet, if you pay with paper money you don't see on your bank statement that a payment or payment for purchasing something is still pending. Why can't they just take the money out of your account, the very second you use your debit or check card to pay for something? I mean why make it a credit thing, pay for it its yours use paper money , yet if you do purchase online or all of that the seller or vendor can't just send you a written invoice through snail mail, hell no, they demand you use that damn debit card. When I opened my account at Wells Fargo Bank in Ogden two years ago, I was nearly adamant that I did not want a bank card. I said then, the damn things only cause trouble, and the purchases were always delayed so you always show a minus balance. But old Shae says you need one, set up an overdraft program, yet since then if I see one month with some not expected purchase or one that should have already cleared that hasn't, I get hit with a overdraft. Bullshit, so since I'm beginning to settle down here and about to get married and all, I'm going to look around for a better deal, for my and my company's banking needs. I read not too long ago, that Wells Fargo is one of the most hated banks in the nation. I'm starting to see why. I still think that the small rural local banks are better, no stockholders, no corporate boards and most decisions can be done with just a phone call and/or a visit, more personalized service and concern. 
Will not be on air overnight as I'm working to get things arranged here for the arrival of my new Lady SheWolf, somehow her MamaWolf decided not to make the trip, which makes my work a bit simpler, course I think MamaWolf decided that it was time that my Lady SheWolf, got to experience the world. Moreover me. 
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